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What Did Tori Lynn, The OnlyFans Star Claim About DK Metcalf?

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Tori Lynn and DK Metcalf

NFL champion DK Metcalf recently is on the news after baffling comments of OnlyFans model, Tori Lynn.

OnlyFans model Tori Lynn made some baffling comments and said DK asked her to come to play”F*ursome.” She gained attention after such statements. She even gave shreds of evidence for her allegations.

Claims of Tori Lynn on DK Metcalf

Tori Lynn recently made various allegations on DK. She revealed the allegations on Snapchat, which was then captured by Egotastic sports and then even put on official Instagram.

The OnlyFans model Tori revealed on Snapchat by posting the video. In the video, she said, “DK asked me to come when he was playing f*ursome. I mean, how can an NFL player be so dirty; not sign any disclosure form and trust me, I will not reveal his number or an address. I know that he does not have any security, so I will not reveal anything.”


She further added that “DK wanted me to come from Seattle so that we can hang out. But suddenly, he changed his mind. I was getting close to his house when he asked me to come back.”

OnlyFans model allegations

The OnlyFans model, Tori Lynn, alleged that DK was trying to hang out. She added to evidence that DK asked her to come to his house at 1:00 am because he wanted a fo*rsome.

The screenshot was posted that revealed, “I was trying to get these other four girls with me. I told him to turn around.” Another screenshot sharing by Egotastic reveals that DK sent a request to Tori on Snapchat, which was waiting to be accepted. The official sports page officially shared all the allegations made by the model.

What was the response of the NFL star?

NFL star DK Metcalf has still not responded. He was active on social media but was trying to avoid this issue.

After some time, an NFL star tweeted on Twitter. On September 27, he shared the poster of the 1989 animated film All Dogs to heaven. He even urged all his fans to watch this film.

NFL star then also shared some philosophical notes. He shared his experience in his life and how he struggled. He added to his message what one should expect from his life. Fans assumed that he wanted to share that he is an ordinary person who wants to have fun sometimes.

Although the news was all over the internet, it seemed that NFL star did not even pay heed. Fans also supported him.


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