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Meet Hannah Gutierrez Reed, The Gun Props in Charge on ‘Rust’ Movie Set

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Hannah Gutierrez Reed

On October 21, the unfortunate incident took place on the sets of “Rust,” the Mexico film. Halyna Hutchins is reportedly dead due to a tragic incident that occurred on October 21 afternoon. Hannah Gutierrez Reed was the gun props in charge of the ‘Rust’ movie set.

The whole industry is mourning Hayla Hutchin’s death, and some big celebrities are protesting against the incident. Many prominent stars came forward to take a stand about the safety of crew members on the set.  

On social media, Kristen Bell, one of the celebrities, came forward and talked about the safety of the crew members on the set. She even stood with the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage of Employees to fight for the correct treatment of all the members while shooting on sets. 

This incident immediately rose to flames. Further, everyone is questioning the safety and security of the individuals present on the shooting sets.

Rust Movie Set

The investigation is still ongoing. However, the complete details regarding the incident are unknown.


What happened on the sets of “Rust”?

Alec Baldwin made the headline due to the accidental firing of the prop gun. Causing serious fatality on the set. 

On October 21 at 1:51 pm, the incident killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured the director of “RUST” Joel Souza. After this incident, crew members protested on the movie set.

According to the sources, Alec Baldwin’s stunt double unintentionally fired two bullets, unaware of the fatality. The Director gave this armor to the stunt double, who said that the gun was unloaded.  

The prop gun given to Alec Baldwin’s stunt double was reported of Hannah Gutierrez Reed- David Halls.

Alec Baldwin

Hannah is already under suspicion due to her fascination with the armorer. However, Hannah is still unknown after the incident, not many people know about her or are aware of Hannah Gutierrez Reed.

All the safety precautions were taken while shooting on the sets of “Rust.” Still, Assistant Director David Halls was unaware that the revolver contained live ammunition. He then gave this prop gun to the Director.  

This mishap on the set of the upcoming movie questions the safety and precautions on the shooting location and set.  


Who is Hannah Gutierrez Reed?  

Hannah Gutierrez Reed is a female armorer of the feature films.   

Her Instagram profile also says that she is an armorer and her fascination is to bring live revolvers and prop guns.   

Hannah’s Instagram bio reveals that she took training in handling firearms. The female armorer is recently 24 years old. She is the daughter of Thell Reed. 

Thell Reed was also a specialized stunt Armor and stuntman. In one of her interviews, Hannah Gutierrez Reed revealed that her fascination with prop guns is since childhood.   

For now, “Rust” has come to a halt till the investigation is not complete. Stay in touch to know further about the investigation in the case. 


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