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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Makes Rap Debut on Tech N9ne’s Latest Track

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Tech N9ne's Latest Track

Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson recently released his debut rap song, which he refers to as “his first rap song.” Together with Joey Cool and King Iso, he appears in Tech N9ne’s latest track “Face Off.” The star wrote his personal passionate part, which rounds off the tune and contains lines like “Black and Samoan in my blood. My civilization bangin’ with strange” and “Black and Samoan in my veins. My culture bangin’ with Strange.”

“I adore music,” says Johnson. I always enjoy including melodic aspects into my films whenever I get the opportunity.”

Joey Cool and King Iso are also featured on “Face Off,” the latest song from Tech9’s upcoming album, “ASIN9NE” via Strange Music. The song is a partnership among hip hop’s top successful independent rapper and Hollywood’s best famous A-list actor.

Johnson had been pursued by his hip hop team’s well-known friends for years, but when Tech N9ne DM’d him on Instagram, he felt this one was finally the right fit.


The most famous person on the planet responded to me! Do you understand what I’m saying? I’m pumped. “We’re all pumped!” With journalists from his trip.

The Rock Tech N9ne's Latest Track

The Collaboration of The Rock and Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne and Johnson have known each other for quite some time. The Rock Johnson, who is perhaps the most loved American on the globe, is a huge admirer of Tech N9ne and has also been promoting his songs on social media for a long time. The two met face to face on the scene of HBO‘s “Ballers,” shortly before the epidemic, after just a social networking connection.

I thought I could make that happen once Tech contacted me. Anyway, regarding work ethics and ambition, we’re on the same page. After Tech and I officially spoke upon that shoot of ‘Ballers,’ we discussed the importance of always being the smartest person in the circle. ‘There’ll never be sufficient meals in this place including on this location to keep me satisfied since I still want to be starving,’ he added, which I loved. That is something I adore.”


The concept of “Face Off” is one of work ethic. “It’s really about driving,” Dwayne says in his rhyme, something he composed independently. It’s all about the authority. “We don’t stop eating.”

Because Tech N9ne intended the tune as a hype-up song that could be sung in arenas or on the gyms, he realized he needed a boxer to be included on it. “This is indeed a high-octane tune. This is trying to make people motivated to raise gym, compete in contests, and continue playing. “Period,” he declares.


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