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Who is Bilal Skaf? Why Was The Notorious Criminal Released From Prison? His Crimes

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Bilal Skaf

The mysterious question is everywhere ‘Why were Mohammad Skaf and Bilal Skaf released from Prison?’. Mohammad did such a disgusting thing. He is a gang rapist and raped women and girls. After spending two decades behind bars, he’s finally released. The crime that he did isn’t acceptable. He doesn’t regret it and doesn’t publicly express and apologized.

Disclosure of horrible jail records of Mohammed Skaf and his brother Bilal Skaf can be done as they are about to come out of prison after 21 years of committing cruel sexual assaults by his gang.

At 09:45 pm, he went out from the Metropolitan Special Programs Centre. He was wearing black pants, goggles, a white shirt and, a mask. And towards a Toyota Carolla attended like a Corrective Service Officer.
Being in jail, I didn’t stop Skaf’s brother’s behavior and behavior towards women. Since Skaf’s brother’s being in jail in late 2000. He showed some regret towards authority and for their crime.

While Mohammad Skaf was still a kid at the Kariong Juvenile Detention Facility. He made sexual gestures to female employees there. And declared his accusers were agreeing with participants. In September 2022, Bilal Skaf celebrated his birthday in jail with the charge of his 55-year jail phrase.

Who is Bilal Skaf?

Bilal Skaf is a productive gang rapist who instructed groups of Lebanese Australian males. During 2000, this group raped girls and women in Sydney.


Skaf is going through a 31-year sentence with a 28-year no-bail phrase for his case. In 2033, he will be at hand for bail. With a 40-year non-bail phrase for his crime. He was condemned to 55-year behind bars. Also, he appealed to change his punishment and it got changed several times.

Why was Bilal Skaf released from Prison?

Does the general public want to know why was Bilal Skaf released from Prison? No doubt he did such a disgusting crime. And he’s not even ashamed of it. By his crime, Mohamad Skaf has set a bad example in society.
Before his 23-year phrase came to an end. He was given release of 2 years. According to the chair of authority, David Frearson said, “this is the last opportunity to regulate a secure transfer into the community in the bounded window of time that we have left.”

For the safety of the community, it makes sense to release without order. According to the jail board, Skaf’s request has been denied several times. Due to lack of remorse. According to a pre-release report by NSW Corrective Services in 2017, there was no change in Skaf’s behavior. No regret not even ashamed of what he did and “persisting in accusing the police.” His bail request has been denied three times.

After Mohammad and other gang members were arrested, Skaf’s crime became well known all over. After the judgment of the district court, Nine individuals were found guilty of the crime. They have been restricted from visiting specific sides of Sydney. And his release comprises being electronically tracked 24/7.


Crimes of Skaf Brothers

Bilal instructed a group of Lebanese Australian males who rapes girls and women as young as 14 years old in Sydney in the year 2000. In 2002, nine individuals include Skaf was condemned to more than 240 years in jail.

Mohammad Skaf

Skaf was engaged at the time of the arrest. His fiancee supported him during his trial, after his judgment she called it quits soon. His reaction was to make cartoons of his fiancee being killed and raped. In November 2000, since he was initially accused. Skaf has remained remarkable. During Skaf’s trial, he said he was engaging in sexual intercourse. His verdict was shouted at the judge when he was passing judgment on.

By the New South Wales Court of Criminal Appeal, Skaf’s 55-year judgment was increased to a maximum of 28-years on September 16, 2005, with bail eligible after 22 years. After a review for a petition against one of his judgments, his punishment had been reduced to 46 years.


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