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Netflix’ ‘Squid Game’ is Warned For Being ‘Incredibly Violent’ by Parents Council

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Netflix Squid Game

Netflix’ ‘Squid Game’ is released recently, and may have been the online platform’s No. 1 program, but the show has been criticized for its brutality. And one association has warned families to always be vigilant. If their kids find themselves browsing their channels and hitting play.

According to media, the Parents Television and Media Council (PTC) is attempting to “warn parents”. The plethora of ‘Squid Game’ influences material getting in their knowledge throughout mass channels. “So that they might take necessary actions. Whether by implementing content filters or perhaps more carefully monitoring their kids on social networking sites. And online games portals, where information about or influence by the series is now being share.”

Amidst the “insanely brutal” series’s mature rankings. Melissa Henson, the PTC’s program director, decided to write in an op-ed posted on the company’s website. That a much bigger worry “is indeed the way ‘Squid Game’ is now being the highlight to audiences too young to stream the TV-MA-rated series on online platforms.”
“Netflix should really be serving as a filter. To guarantee that anything that is dangerous to kids is not released on their network,”. She said in an interview, “and that encompasses highly sexualized materials like ‘Big Mouth’ and stuff that could incite self-harm.”


Minors, particularly “young adolescents and teenagers,” are also viewing the program on online multiplayer sites like Roblox and Fortnite, according to Henson.

Why Squid Game is Dangerous for kids?

The story revolves around a group of 456 individuals representing all corners of society. They all have one common element: they are already in financial distress.

Netflix Squid Game

As a condition, they’re all asked to play a number of kid’s games like ‘Red Light, Green Light,’. In the pursuit of making a large monetary reward. However, it rapidly appears clear that failing any one of these children’s games would result in a painful and unfortunate death.


‘Squid Game’ debuted at No. 1 in the United States approximately four days well after its debut, as per a news source. In the first 28 days, it is estimated to be watched by much more than 82 million people throughout the world. When compared to regular television. It is more than the amount of 18- to 49-year-olds estimates saw the top 40 cables and satellite series in the previous year altogether.

“Netflix has to realize that failing to self-regulate invites government intervention. Which further might result in even worse consequences for Netflix and individuals,” Henson added.


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