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When Is Ninja Streaming Next & On What Platforms? As He Reveals A Big Update On His Future

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Popular streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins isn’t leaving Twitch after so many discussions on the internet about him leaving the platform. Well, in past few years there have been so many streamers who switched from Twitch to YouTube gaming. However, among them, we even heard about Ninja leaving Twitch. But hope that’s not happening.

Read ahead to know more about Ninja not leaving Twitch.

Ninja’s move to streaming platforms

Blevins has been a popular streamer and content creator. Not just on Twitch, he has been having his channels on YouTube as well. While he streams on Facebook too. Ninja is also active on TikTok with lots of followers of him on the app.

However, back in 2019, he decided to go to the streaming platform Mixer. Post which he went missing on Twitch but he returned to streaming on it in 2020 again. Where he streamed on Fortnite. His fans on Twitch were certainly happy with his return.


Ninja wanted to join creators on YouTube Gaming

Ninja posted his movement on Mixer and Twitch and said that he would be joining the creators of YouTube gaming. Well, that instantly made everyone think that maybe Ninja is leaving Twitch again. However, on September 8th he revealed that he isn’t having any exclusive contract.

Thus he isn’t going to leave Twitch rather he would be streaming everywhere. Not to miss, before this announcement he even went missing from Twitter as he said that he needs a break. He further added that he didn’t k now when he’ll return and where he’ll return. This certainly left everyone thinking about Ninja as to whether he is leaving any platform or not.


Where is Ninja to stream now?

Well, after looking at all the facts and making one more plan for himself. Ninja has decided that he will not be leaving a specific platform but would stay on all to continue his streaming work. In fact, he shared via his social media account that his next stream is coming on 9th September at 12 CST.

Hence, you would be able to catch him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, YouTube, and Tiktok as well. While he has already shared the timings and date for his next live stream coming up for all his fans. He is at present continuing his stream everywhere.


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