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Fuslie says Twitch’s DMCA process prompted her to make YouTube switch

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Fuslie has left Twitch and here’s what she has said that terrified her to leave the platform. There have been numerous streamers who have come to YouTube gaming leaving behind their Twitch platform. This month we had the popular streamer Fuslie arrive on YouTube as well. However, her fans have long been thinking about the reason she left Twitch.

Read ahead to know more about Fuslie and reveals the terrifying reason why she left Twitch.

Fuslie left Twitch for YouTube gaming

It was only this week when the famous streamer of Twitch Fuslie decided to leave the Twitch platform. Where she had lots of followers of her who loved joining in with her streams every time. She is having an exclusive YouTube contract under which she will be now streaming on YouTube.


Though previously she didn’t reveal why she left the Twitch platform. Yet now she has come up with the reason that terrified her enough to leave the platform she was popular on. As she has now joined YouTube gaming alongside Valkyrae, CouRage, and more.

Fuslie was not happy with DMCA process of Twitch

Recently, when Fuslie was asked about why she left Twitch for YouTube gaming. She revealed that DMCA takedown is the main reason why she left Twitch and went on to YouTube gaming. Fuslie said that YouTube has better management for the content than what’s there on Twitch.

When she tried to talk to Twitch’s higher authorities for help with this, she was not given any help. The problem she dealt with on Twitch was what made her terrified. Meanwhile, her fear of losing the Twitch career made her opt for YouTube gaming.


Fans of Fuslie on leaving Twitch

No doubt so far it was her Twitch presence only that gave Fuslie so much love and support. For which she even thanked all for their love and support in her last stream. However, now she is to be present on YouTube for her upcoming streams.

Thus fans of her are excited to have her on YouTube as well. For all those who have been supporting Fuslie on Twitch. They would now be seeing her on YouTube alongside some of the most amazing streamers who similarly opted for YouTube gaming.


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