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Apex Legends Season 10: Battle Pass Name Disclosed

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Apex Legends Season 10

Apex Legends Season 10:: Apex Legends is a multiplayer gun fighting game. It is very famous among the top multiplayer co-op games.

Now, Apex Legends is on its way to its new season which is THE 10TH SEASON.

A lot of rumors are circulating in the market about the new legend coming to the game and his abilities. The game is developed by Respawn Entertainment. It was revealed that the new season will be called ‘Emergence’ and it has excited the whole gaming community. Respawn Entertainment has hinted that they will be dropping the teaser trailer this week only. Recently a brand new map, called Overflow involving Lava.

It means in the upcoming season Lava could come to Kings Canyon. For 9 seasons, gamers have enjoyed Apex Legends and so now they will be expecting a lot from the 10th

season. Not only a new legend and map changes but also Apex Legends will be dropping a new gun as well. In the 9th season, Apex introduced some new characters, including Valkyrie, the game’s first flying pilot. A non-battle royale mode:  Arenas with an economic system for weapons and abilities.

Apex Legends Season 10

Player’s can expect even more Lava on World’s Edge for the 10th season, and also another new game mode involving capturing flags. Season 10 should launch within August 4.

The new character is named Legend Seer.

We can expect Seer’s abilities to be:

  • Passive: Seer’s heartbeat sensor alerts him to any nearby enemies when aiming down sights
  • Tactical: Drones fly out from Seer’s chest, revealing and tracking the locations of nearby enemies
  • Ultimate: Seer releases hundreds of drones to create a large dome which tracks the movement of anyone caught inside.
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Game Director, Chad Grenier, announced at EA Play Live 2021 that the ranked version arena will be coming in the 10th season. And now gamers who quit in-between games will get Penalties. 

Apex Legends Season 10 – That is all the information we have for the 10th season of Apex Legends so far. Surely, gamers will be excited to play the 10th season and will be looking forward to Seer and his abilities.

Apex Legends is competing with Call of Duty WARZONE and Fortnite in the race of becoming the best multiplayer battle royale shooting game.

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