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Battlefield 2042 New Mode Explained

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Battlefield 2042

There are many leaks coming regarding the game Battlefield 2042. This has truly been one of the most awaited games for the fans. Here in this article, we are going to give you one major leak regarding the new mode which will be introduced in the game.

Battlefield 2042 is coming back with a new mode called “Portal Mode”. In this mode, players will build their experiences on their own and share them with the community. Anyone who plays the game can design a mode which he/she needs. With help of this mode, players can bring their ideas easily to the eyes of developers.

The portal feature is also coming with many of the new features. Not only players would be able to see every map, but they would also see every weapon, asset, and vehicle to be available in the Portal of Battlefield 2042.


The most exciting part regarding this is the return of vehicles, assets, and weapons from the previous versions. These versions are particularly Battlefield 3, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 1942. One thing which has also been revealed is that players won’t be able to see all the weapons and assets of previous versions as all of them are not expected to return. Only the best out of them will be able to return to portal mode.

Battlefield 2042

Players will be able to see a total of 13 maps in the new Portal Mode. Most of the maps have already been announced in the All-Star Warfare. Now the other maps are yet to be revealed by the developers of the game.


There are a total of six maps that will definitely return at the launch of the game. This will include two maps each from the previous versions of the game discussed earlier. This means that the players will definitely enjoy the new version of the game with excitement.

These maps have been designed to run on high-end consoles. Players can easily run the maps on 4K graphics along with 60 FPS. It will also support 128 player count on new generation PCs.

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