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Jill Biden gets a foot puncture after her Hawaii Visit

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We all are aware that Jill Biden is currently enjoying a lot in Hawaii. There she underwent a medical procedure this Thursday. According to her spokesperson, it was revealed that she had debris on her left foot due to which she had to undergo a foot puncture.

Most of the people would be thinking about what had caused her foot puncture. Well, this incident took place a few days ago when she was roaming on the Hawaii beaches. It is still not clear why Jill Biden had her foot puncture and what object mainly caused it. All of these things were revealed by Michal LaRosa.


The medical procedure for her treatment was performed in the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center which is located in Maryland. Along with that, LaRosa has also revealed that the wound has now been operated and it is now completely fine and clean. The wound is expected to heal within the next few days.

Jill Biden

People were happy to see Joe Biden the President too with his wife. He came with her at the Walter Reed to give her a company. Once the procedure had been completed, both the Biden’s had returned to the White House.

Jill Biden had two official events in the city of Hawaii. Unfortunately, this incident occurred before the weekend of these events. LaRosa also said that the puncture happened where Jill Biden went to attend the starting of the Olympics. She is also having many other official events which she needs to handle there.


She spent her time in Hawaii in a better way. When she was there, she had also visited a COVID-19 vaccination clinic which was surprising to the entire staff. Along with that Jill Biden also had a barbecue meal with the military families at the Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickham.

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