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Top 5 Powerful Celestials In Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Top 5 celestials in MCU

Celestials are an ancient race of entities in the series by Marvel. The series name is Marvel Cinematic Universe Lore. They were originated several million years ago and are the ones who are responsible for creating Eternals and Deviants. They and they have similar characteristics to the human body. So, here are some of the few celestials in MCU.

Top 5 celestials in MCU

Arnhem The Judge Celestial

Arnhem The Judge-

Irishmen first appeared in series in 1976. He is a leader of celestials. Also, he is 2000 feet tall. He is red with a cylinder head and came to Earth along with other celestials. The purpose of his appearance is to create Seven Cosmos. But conflicts arise between him and the god of darkness Knull. He destroyed the Deviant Race. He also flooded the earth with The Great Cataclysm. Also, he makes an important decision as to whether which planet will live and which will die. His main powers are that he can manipulate energy, reality, and matter. He owns huge physical strength and stamina along with a high IQ. 

Ego the Living Planet Celestials

Ego the Living Planet-

He is the father of Peter Quill and wants to find meaning and purpose in his life. He planned to remake the entire universe according to him. This event is known as Expansion. He wants to eradicate all other life forms in the universe except him. For this, he will require Celestial Heir, so he travelled to different planets. He rise many children in one place ends up having thousands of children. But none of them become celestial heir. But one of his sons becomes the celestial heir. He reunited with him.

Jemiah The Analyzer

Jemiah The Analyzer-

He is one of the extremely powerful gods and owns many different strengths like durability, speed and projection of energy. He owns other traits also like he has the ability to manipulate reality energy and rearrange matter, he is 2000 feet long, he can teleport himself. If by any chance he is killed or injured, he can immediately regenerate himself. He can alone dismiss the nuclear bombs. He can even generate energy blasts. 

Eson The Searcher

Eson The Searcher-

Eson is the owner of Power Stones. Power stone was one of the infinity stones. His nature is ruthless and destructive. He can create matter on a molecular level. He wants to destroy the entire planet so he used the power stone to fulfill his wish. Eson didn’t care about the inhabitants of the planets. He is physically strong and possesses a god complex. He is also known as a member of the ancient primordial race. 

Harger the Measurer Celestials

Harger the Measurer-

Harger is also one of the Celestials. He is a large part of eternal mythology and an extremely powerful god consisting of many abilities like high levels of strength, high durability, good speed and can project energy as well. He also owns the ability to manipulate real energy and then convert it into matter. Also, He is so strong that he can withstand the earth’s shattering blows. He is a measure of Celestials. He can generate blasts that can destroy the earth.


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