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What Went Wrong with ‘Hancock 2’? The Cursed Fate of Will Smith’s Superhero Sequel

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Hancock 2

Is there a reason why Hancock 2 never came to fruition? The film Hancock was released two months before the release of ‘Iron Man,’ which ushered in the biggest superhero franchise in history. The story told in ‘Hancock’ was unique, but it couldn’t attract the masses like Marvel could. The movie’s main character is Will Smith’s John Hancock, a self-absorbed character like Superman who hates others and becomes addicted to drugs. However, he is capable of doing good, and Ray, a publicist (Jason Bateman), is confident that they will be able to make his reputation better together.

That is, until Hancock’s past returns to haunt him and the audience realizes that his ex-wife, Mary (Charlize Theron), is also a super-powerful being. It was expected Hancock would have a sequel, as it was a moderate hit with a global gross of $629.4 million and the cast was eager to work together again. Despite Smith’s take on a darker superhero, many factors may have prevented a continuation. As Smith and Theron manage their superpowers and search for other immortal beings scattered around the world, a sequel could have continued exploring their immortal god-like characters.


What Happened To Hancock 2? It Was Anticipated That Will Smith Would Return As His Troubled Superhero

Hancock had a modest worldwide gross of $629.4 million and the crew was eager to work together again, so many wondered whether a sequel was in the works. Despite many promises about its continuation, Hancock 2 eventually fell by the wayside as both its stars and creative team were absorbed into other projects. In 2008, Hancock opened just two months before Iron Man launched the global superhero franchise that would become cinema’s biggest success. While Marvel could bring fans to theaters with its superhero films, Hancock had a more original story. Throughout the film, Will Smith plays John Hancock, a self-absorbed superman-type hero who has a tendency to ignore others and engage in substance abuse. Although he has potential for good, a PR named Ray (Jason Bateman) believes the two of them can make a difference. This is at least until Hancock’s past comes back to haunt him and we discover that his ex-wife Mary (Charlize Theron) is also a super-powered individual. Smith and Theron’s immortal god-like characters could have been explored further in a sequel as they search for other immortal beings around the world while managing their superpowers. Peter Berg teased exactly this, saying, There might be another god out there.

In the 2000s, Smith and Theron were extremely popular, so a sequel could easily be a considerable success. Hancock 2 would, however, have to contend with MCU movies and conflicting schedules. Smith and Theron were scheduled to return in September 2009, as was Berg. Scripts were being developed by Adam Fierro and Glen Mazzara. In the following year, both writers worked on The Walking Dead TV series while Berg made Battleship. Smith was also spending some time with his family, and everyone seemed to be busy. During that time, Berg expressed concerns about a sequel. That particular kitchen is so busy with so many cooks. To get us all together so we can talk and agree on anything? It’s impossible to find a group of people that can agree on anything more difficult, he said. Even if Hancock 2 were unexpectedly given a release date and a go-ahead, it would have had to find alternative protagonists. Theron has joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will be busy for some time with her role as Clea in ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’. As a result of Smith’s Oscar fiasco, most of his upcoming projects have been cancelled and he has been temporarily expelled from the Academy.


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