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Isaiah Washington Retires from Acting Amid Controversy: ‘Haters Have Won’

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Isaiah Washington

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A tweet by Grey’s Anatomy star Isaiah Washington announced that he was retiring from acting on March 1, 2023. The tweet appears to be referring to Washington’s 2007 controversy surrounding his slur; however, haters, idiots, and provocateurs seem to have won in the end. Today, I am announcing my early retirement from the entertainment industry with a heavy heart and a sense of relief. Having endured global criticisms for many years, he no longer wanted to do so. Additionally, the 59-year-old actor shared his post-retirement plans, saying he would be travelling the country before it succumbs to Socialism and Communism.

According to Isaiah Washington, he is a “Frederick Douglass Conservative” and will keep his powder dry. He expressed his appreciation for the support he has received over the years as well. In spite of retiring, Washington still has a film, “Corsicana,” that hasn’t been released, and he said that the film would mark his final screen appearance. He played Preston Burke on the original cast of “Grey’s Anatomy.” Following the series’ three seasons in 2007, the actor was reported to have called his co-star TR Knight a homophobic insult. It happened during an on-set contention with one of the leads, Patrick Dempsey.


Grey’s Anatomy Actor Isaiah Washington Announced His Retirement From Acting

On March 1, 2023, Grey’s Anatomy actor Isaiah Washington announced his retirement from acting. Washington, apparently referring to the 2007 slur controversy, mentioned in his tweet that he had fought an excellent fight; however, the haters, the used idiots, and the provocateurs won. As I announce my early retirement from the entertainment industry today, it is with a heavy heart and a sense of relief that I do so, He wrote. As a result, he said he was no longer interested in engaging in the global criticism he had endured in the past. Additionally, the 59-year-old actor shared his post-retirement plans in a tweet, saying he was planning on travelling the country before Communism and Socialism are fully entrenched. As of right now, Washington has yet to release “Corsicana,” which he says will be his last film. After Isaiah Washington announced his retirement, one user tweeted: Wow, I’m amazed that he’s such a conservative. Again, he’s leaving Hollywood. I suppose he’s miserable he actually can’t be verbally homophobic? As Preston Burke, Washington was one of the original cast members of “Grey’s Anatomy.” However, it was reported in 2007 that Washington called co-star T.R. Knight with a homophobic expletive. Patrick Dempsey, one of the leads, got into an argument on the set. Following the incident, ABC did not renew Isaiah Washington’s contract.

In spite of his apology, the actor initially denied saying the “F word” during the 2007 Golden Globe Awards. Nonetheless, he recounted what went down in an interview on “Larry King Live.” Patrick Dempsey was reprimanded by Washington for treating T.R. Knight like a “f***ot” following an argument started by the latter. He confessed to uttering a number of things that he did not like. In response to a question about his use of the “F word” as an expression of his hatred for gay people, he clarified that he used the word when referring to someone who was weak. In addition, Washington said he was not homophobic in any way, shape, or form. According to reports, Knight reached out to his family after Washington called him the “F word.” Knight later confirmed his orientation in 2006 and said he preferred to maintain a private life; however, he hoped that being gay wouldn’t be the most interesting part of his life. After the slur scandal, Isaiah Washington said no one wanted to hire him. In the aftermath of his fallout with ABC, the actor suffered serious financial hardship and struggled to find acting work. The actor, however, learned how to rebuild his career during his time away from the spotlight. The crime drama “Blue Caprice” was Isaiah Washington’s return to acting in 2013.


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