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The Flash season 7: Episode 3, Iris Plunged Into A Coma In The Promo Video

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The Flash Season 7 Episode 3

The Flash Season 7, Season Premiere in a quick fashion, searching a way to write the story of Ralph Dibny aka Elongated Man out of the Arrowverse. The Flash season 7 Episode 3 is entitled “Mother.”

Ralph has only been mentioned once and although neither he nor Sue appears in the episode, a scene is giving an idea about their fate. Cecile showed the front page of a newspaper stating that Sue is hiding.

She also agrees, with the fact that she and Ralph were out of town, but not disclosing their location. Even though he won’t have a big role any more, Eric Wallace is confirming that the character will appear at least once to properly wrap up this storyline, with The Flash set to recast Ralph Dibny.


This character can take on any face, which will be easier for the writers of The Flash.

The Flash season 7 Episode 3 “Mother” Promo Video

Release Date And Time

The Flash season 7 Episode 3 will be released on Tuesday, 16 March 2021, at 8/7c on The CW.

What Next?

Last night, Episode 2 of Season 7 of The Flash aired on The CW. So it’s time to discover the promo video for episode 3, which title is “Mother“.

Last week, season7 of The Flash made its comeback on Netflix after very long months of absence. In this Season Premiere, Iris was still stuck in the Mirrorverse and Barry was slowly losing his speed.

Nash Wells gave his life to save Central City and allow Barry to regain his full power. In the end, he ended up in dust, taking all versions of Wells with him. But then, let’s see that what’s interesting in tonight’s episode.


The emotion should be there in this episode of the Flash. Moreover, after the sacrifice of Nash, Barry will develop new powers that will surely allow him to save Iris.

But he will have to learn to control them. The synopsis of “The Speed of Thought” teaches us that his new power will be that of controlling his thought and that the superhero will be delighted with this new ability.

For its part, Cisco will be suspicious. Meanwhile, Eva will have to face a heartbreaking truth. While waiting for its release, find out if Cecile could become evil in season 7 of The Flash.


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