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Loki Episode 4 Release Date, Time & Recap

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Loki Episode 4

Loki Episode 4: Currently Loki has 9/10 IMDb rating and 96% Rotten Tomatoes. The third episode of the Loki series is out and fans are really excited for Loki episode 4. As result fans are making their own theories. The series is created by Michael Waldron and produced by Kevin Feige. It is based on Marvel comics. Let’s discuss episode 3.

Loki Episode 3: Recap

Loki episode 3 was released on 23 June 2021 titled ‘Lamentis‘.

Episode 3 starts from the point where Loki episode 2 ended as Sylvie has a plan named “kill the Time Keepers”, and because of it, she arrives in the Time Variance Authority. But as soon as she visits that point, she finds that her magic powers are no longer with her. So, now she kills all the TVA Guards with weapons that they had. After that, Loki, who followed Sylvie from the time door, also reaches the spot and finds that the situation is tense. He starts fighting with Sylvie using a knife, but they are soon interrupted by Ravonna Renslayer, and before he could do anything, Loki and Sylvie get teleported. 

Loki Episode 4

Sylvie threw off her coat, which she found nowhere but on the floor. She used the TemPad to get them back home, but it ran out of energy. It didn’t recognize this place and refused to take any action until they found a place to recharge. Meanwhile, they both are stuck on the purple-hued moon, which is known as Lamentis-1, in the year 2077. Soon they will find out that the planet is about to be destroyed, and all the lives on the planet can be finished. In Loki Episode 3, it is not much revealed about the name, but Sylvie doesn’t like Loki or Variant. She enjoys being called Sylvie as the name is tied with some mythologies in Marvel Comics. Though not much is revealed about her name, it seems like, in the future, a lot of talks will be around this only. 


Loki and Sylvie approach the hut to find a way to recharge the Tempad. Sylvie opts for a more aggressive approach, but it doesn’t work for her as Susan maims her w ith a sonic weapon. Loki tries to be cleverer, first talking down to the woman and then shifting into her late husband, Roger. He knows this from seeing the photo of them on the table inside. Her husband was always a fool, she shouts at Loki. He was never as sweet as you, she tells him. What do the two of you want from me? she asks, before pointing out that they can give her tickets for a train that will take them to a place called Ark. But getting those tickets isn’t easy. 

Loki Episode 4

But after that, they start discussing their families in which it comes out that Loki is bisexual. They talk about their mothers, and Sylvie says that she never got to know anything about her mother. Now for the tickets, Sylvie concern comes out to be true. The tickets could have been with Guards, and they could ask for them. And the fight starts on the train. Sylvie puts a knife on Loki and asks for Tempad, but he says that it’s broken and now she sat beside the dirt mound. Now they both start moving towards Ark. A glowing neon ship rises above the roof. Sylvie and Loki get to the guards quickly, but there is no time to be gentle. The Ark prepares for takeoff. The ship blasts off. An asteroid meets it on its way towards Lamentis-1, and it’s destroyed. And with thats the Episode 3 ends. 

Loki Episode 4: Release Date & Time

Loki episode 4 will be released upcoming Wednesday, June 30, 2021. The title of Episode 4 is “The Nexus Event”.

Loki Episode 4 Release Time

  • 12:30 PM in India
  • 8 PM in the UK
  • 3 AM in the US
  • 5 PM in Sydney
  • 5 PM in Australia

Where to Watch? You can watch all new episodes of Loki Season 1 on Disney+.

Loki Trailer

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