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Loki Episode 3 Release Date, Time & Recap

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Loki Episode 3

Loki Episode 3: Loki is an American TV series based on Marvel Comics and created by Michael Waldron. The series is currently streaming on Disney+. Loki TV series is directed by Kate Herron and produced by Kevin Feige. The first episode was premiered on 9 June 2021. According to the officials, each episode’s runtime will be 50-55 minutes.

Loki Episode 2: Recap

Loki Episode 2 was released on 16 June 2021 titled ‘The Variant

In the second episode, Loki finds that there is an alternate version of him destroying TVA agents and collecting reset charges from the time stream. Agent Mobius teams up with him to collect the reset charges from each version of Loki. This proves to be fortuitous, as he can use his knowledge of the other Loki’s tactics and tendencies to foil his plots and locate him.

It is revealed that the Alternative version of Loki is a female, and she keeps changing her body. However, Loki is unaware of the plan. Lady Loki vanishes into the portal, and her male counterpart quietly follows after. The portal closes around him, with Lady Loki’s voice suggesting that they have more to discuss. And the surprise is that she knows the location of the Time-Keepers, according to the captive TVA agent, but she is too self-centered and superficial to plan a direct attack.


Clad in a long black coat and purple gloves, Lady Loki wields her wand like a sword to defeat the TVA. The lyrics “Holding Out For A Hero” blare as she triumphantly dances on their shattered remains. The Heroes are assembled, but are they successful against this more significant threat?

In the file that Loki read, it was written that there were 9,719 casualties recorded in the destruction of Asgard. The file did not include mention of a large number of Asgardians escaping to Earth before Ragnarok’s occurrence or that approximately half of these survivors were later killed by Thanos and his forces during the search for the Infinity Stones.

Loki watched with dread and sadness as his home was obliterated. He was overjoyed when he was greeted with the sight of Thor. However, he knew he had to flee back to Midgard before he could accept his brother’s welcome.

Loki Episode 3

The Final Statement :

Mobius had never met the Time-Keepers yet spent his life defending them. They appeared in the early days of man, offering all of the human leadership in exchange for their thirst for knowledge and learning. It must have been shocking to learn that they were conspiring against their creations.


The fact that he hasn’t yet ridden on a jet ski is telling — he can travel through time, but the Time-Keepers had forbidden him to go backward in time to when jet skis first came out. While the response has been a bit of a mixed bag, there is no denying that the changes will help the TVA evolve and keep pace with changes in the modern world.

Viewers are speculating that Loki has betrayed Mobius by going with Lady Loki. However, there is no clarity on whether it was planned or the betrayal has taken place. Let’s hope that Loki goes on a jet ski with Mobius to see the sunset. 

Though the season hasn’t unfolded much, it seems like some better things are on the way for the viewers of the series.

Loki Episode 3: Release Date & Time

Loki episode 3 will be released upcoming Wednesday, June 23, 2021. The title of Episode 3 is not revealed yet, we will update you as soon as the officials reveal the title.

Loki Episode 3 will be released in India at 12:30 PM, 8 PM in the UK, 3 AM in the US, and 5 PM in Sydney, Australia.

Where to Watch? You can watch all new episodes of Loki Season 1 on Disney+.

Loki Trailer

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