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Loki Episode 5 Release Date, Time & Recap

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Loki episode 5

Loki Episode 5: Loki is an American TV series streaming on Disney+. The first episode of Loki was premiered on 9 June 2021. The series is created by Michael Waldron and produced by Marvel Studios. The main cast is Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Sophia Di Martino as Sylvie, Owen Wilson as Mobius M. Mobius, Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Ravonna Renslayer, and Sasha Lane as Hunter C-20.

Loki Episode 4: Recap

Loki episode 4 was released on 30 June 2021 titled ‘The Nexus Event‘.

The episode created a sense of excitement and curiosity among the viewers. The 48-minute long episode 4 starts with a series of rewind events. The young Sylvie is just sitting in her Asgard, and suddenly, Ravonna comes into the scene. She takes the young Sylvie with her to the TVA. However, while going with her, she somehow manages to escape from her and also takes her TemPad either for future use. The TemPad came into the limelight in the previous episodes. 

Loki episode 5

The Present Time :

The flashback of her earlier life ends here and the story starts from the present time. In the present, Ravonna is seen talking to the Time Keepers and tells her about Sylvie escape. Ravonna tells Mobius that Hunter C-20(Sasha Lane) is no more because of the escape of Sylvie and they are worried because of that. This makes Mobius think about it in-depth and he tries to find some solution for it. Meanwhile, Loki and Sylvie are still trapped on Lamentis as shown in the previous episode of the season. The land on which they are right now is getting bombarded because of the dying moon that is just above it. They both are trying to find a way to escape from there.  

Loki episode 5

Before this, Sylvie reveals her past and tells how she was running away from TVA her whole life. Between these talks, the bonding between Loki and Sylvie becomes good. But this new bonding triggered the new timeline branch which made it possible for the TVA to trace Loki and Sylvie. This makes TVA bring them back. When they return, Mobius gets frustrated with Loki because of his antics and thus punishes him by sending him to a painful Asgard with Lady Sif(Jaimie Alexander). Besides this, Mobius wants to ask some questions from Sylvie, but Ravonna doesn’t let this happen. 

This makes Mobius think about the loyalty of Ravonna towards the TVA. However, Mobius still thinks that it’s not possible for Ravonna to cheat him, but in the end, there could be some more twists and tricks that the viewers are waiting for. Though in the end, Mobius mentions to Loki that the vampires have been arrested and caged by the TVA. It is speculated that by the end, Mobius will be put on the Jet-Ski because of his deeds. 

The End of the Episode :

At the end of the episode, Sylvie comes to know that Time Keepers are nothing but just some “Mindless Android’s” who are running on the instructions given by someone else. An environment of jokes and suspense has been created by the makers of the show to keep the viewers engaged. 

Loki episode 5

However, the end of the episode has left a lot of question marks about what will happen to Loki in the next episode and what about the relationship of Loki and Sylvie? For the series finale, just one episode is left. And the episode would be an existing one for all the Loki lovers.

Loki Episode 5: Release Date & Time

Loki episode 5 will be released upcoming Wednesday, July 7, 2021. The title of Episode 5 is not revealed yet, we will update you as soon as the officials reveal the title.

Loki Episode 5: Different Time Zones

  • 12:30 PM in India
  • 3 AM in the US
  • 8 AM in the UK
  • 5 PM in Australia
  • 5 PM in Sydney

Where to Watch? You can watch all new episodes of Loki Season 1 on Disney+ Vip/ Premium.

Loki Episode 5: Preview

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