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Pokemon Journeys Episode 73 Release Date, Recap & Preview

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Pokemon Journeys: The Series Episode 73

Pokemon Journeys: The Series Episode 73 is titled “Captain Pikachu! Advance Tairetsu!!“. Pokemon Journeys: The Series’s new episode is broadcasted every Friday, but according to some source episode 73 will not release upcoming Friday. There will be a special episode telecasted on 2 July 2021, titled “1 Hour Special Just Before Summer Vacation!“. Let’s review Episode 72 Recap.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 72: Recap

Pokemon Journeys: The Series Episode 72 was released on June 25, 2021, titled “Shuffle Panic in the Underground Labyrinth!?“.

The episode begins with our heroes are in the Univar region because they heard of a Klinklang a new form of Klinklang. But it turns out it was just a promotion for a cookie shop. Same with Team Rocket, Team Rocket then see our heroes and they want to steal their Pokémon. Eevee and Grookey find a hole and they go underground forcing our heroes and team rocket to follow them. They follow them down and after a bit of argument in shenanigans where they get caught by heroes trying to catch Ash’s Pikachu. Team Rocket throws a smoke bomb and chaos into splitting up all of our heroes and their Pokémon and Team Rocket. So now the Group we’re left with is Team Rocket with Chloe’s Eevee, Goh with Pikachu, Ash with Morpeko, Chloe with Meowth, and later Grookey with Wobbuffet. 

Pokemon Journeys Episode 72

Ash is just trying to find everyone while fighting off Morpeko because it’s constantly hungry. Goh has the most interesting interaction as we see that Pikachu has taken on the personality of Ash.  Pikachu also doesn’t seem to be listening to Goh. He completely ignores Goh’s commands and he stops Goh from catching a Seismitoad. Team Rocket wanted Pikachu but they’re stuck with Eevee. So Jessie decides to make the best of it. So they’re excited to teach Eevee the Meowth spot on their motto. 


Now before Team Rocket followed our heroes down the hole, they gave Wobbuffet a net and told it to capture Pikachu if he came up the whole. Grookey is the first one to do so and because of that, he causes high jinks by stealing Wobbuffet’s net. 

Pokemon Journeys Episode 72

Chloe with Meowth’s interaction is also amazing, Chloe was nice to Meowth. The interaction here is super wholesome as Meowth and Jessie seem to have been fighting recently. Chloe tells Meowth that he shouldn’t talk bad about Jessie and try to make up with her. After that, they all start being chased by a group of Durants, turns out they aren’t in a random cave but rather in the borough of Durant’s. Grookey up top when he’s messing around and he tries to use that net that he stole from Wobbuffet and catches a Heatmor up top. 

Pokemon Journeys Episode 72

Grookey and Wobbuffet both run down the whole as well bringing Heatmor to the Durant cave. Since  Heatmor and Durant were fighting our heroes and Team Rocket getaway and they’re all up top. However, Morpeko was still hungry as Ash lost his cookie so Morpeko hits both our heroes and Team Rocket and has blastoff. The episode ending happily for our heroes as they had a fun time and team rocket stuck in tree and Meowth still thinking about Chloe. 

Pokemon Journeys Episode 73: Release Date & Time

Pokemon 2019/ Pokemon Journeys: The Series Episode 73 will be released next Friday, July 16, 2021, at 6:55 PM on TV TOKYO. The title of Pokemon Journeys: The Series Episode 73 will be “Captain Pikachu! Advance Tairetsu!!“.

Eastern Time Zone: 5:55 AM

Central Time Zone: 4:55 PM

Hawaii Time Zone: 11:55 AM

Mountain Time Zone: 3:55 PM

Where to Watch? you can watch Pokemon Journeys: The Series or Pokemon 2019 season 23 new episodes online streaming on Netflix and on TV TOKYO.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 73: Preview

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