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Invincible Episode 7 Release date, Recap & Other Details

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Invincible episode 7

Invincible Episode 7: Finally, Invincible season 1 comes to end and there are only two episodes left. So fans are really excited about it. The Invincible animated series is one of the most loved action animated series around the globe now. It gained a large amount of audience in very little time. Its first episode of the series was dropped on 26th March 2021. And since then a total of 6 episodes are released and viewers are amazed by its thrilling story. According to critics from all over the world, this series is pretty good. It got great reviews from the viewers too. Now it has 8.8 ratings out of 10 in IMDB and in Rotten Tomatoes is got 96%. This tells a lot about the content it provides.

Invincible is an action superhero animated series which is made by Robert Kirkman. It is an animated adaptation of the comic book series Invincible. In this little time, it has gathered a good fanbase and all the fans are eagerly waiting for the next episode to release.

The invincible final Episode 8 will be released on 30 April 2021.  Although, Invincible season 2 is not confirmed yet. There’s a high of another season of invincible because of the fan following. let’s hope for best.

Invincible Episode 7: Release Date

Invincible episode 7 will be released next Friday, April 23, 2021. The title of Episode 7 is not revealed yet, the title will be revealed on the same day. We will update you as soon as the officials reveal the title.

Where to Watch? You can watch all episodes of Invincible on Amazon Prime. Currently, it is available for premium users only.

Invincible Episode 6: Recap

The invincible episode 6 was released on April 16, 2021, titled “You Look Kinda Dead“.

The episode starts on a college campus in the dead of night a trio of drunk college girls get snuck up on by Doug Cheston. They give Doug the slip and in his drug branding, he fails to notice the swift approach of a syringe, and the person holding it ending up drugged and kidnapped. Doug awakens to a pontificating surgeon though a little slow on the mental upswing he eventually realizes that his lower right arm has been surgically removed replaced by a mechanical manipulator. The same person is experimenting on them by making them more like cyborgs and really replacing their body parts with machines. The nightmare scene ends with the surgeon promising his victim that helps he made invincible.

Now since Monster Girl, Black Samson and Invincible were near death after the last episode. We see the GDA staff of experts get to work on saving the three major casualties from the recent fight.

Invincible episode 7

As operations on Monster Girl begins she spontaneously shifts into her decimated monster form.  robot intervenes and after a tense argument the doctors agreed to assist the robot in saving Monster Girl,  apparently, her healing powers can be activated by an infusion of belladonna root and wolfsbane.


We finally get to see mark wake up six days later. Though realizing he’s been out for six days and mark is struck by panic. His first worry is Amber and when he is able to finally visit her he does they decide that it’s best that they actually start over so they decided to give their relationship kind of a fresh start.

Omni man speaks with Cecil about Damien Darkblood. Cecil has Omni man convinced that Darkblood is being questioned first potential murder of the Guardians Of The Globe,  Cecil engages in doublespeak telling Omni man that he would really like to know why Darkblood would do it. Cecil goes on to say I thought I knew him in reality Cecil knows that it was Omni man that murdered the guardians and not Darkblood.

Mark and William decide it’s time to have an outing together now they decide that the weekend they’re going to spend together but they’re going to go to a local University. They invite Amber and Williams crush Rick is going to meet them there.

Mark is packing for the trip when Eve drops in she tells mark that she’s quitting the hero gig and then she’s canceling her plans for college too apparently the night that Eve spend volunteering with Amber sparked a new ambition for her to help the world in a way that doesn’t involve combat with their power to manipulate matter on the atomic level. She wants to stop natural disasters and provide food for the hungry among other acts of global betterment. Mark supports the decision reflecting on his own guilt for causing the fight that landed monster girl and black Samson.

Invincible episode 7

Now after the kids take off towards the University Debbie also takes off and won’t actually allow Nolan to join her. We see her go to Arts’ who makes the costumes for Omni man and Invincible and he goes has gone through the bloody and torn costume at Debbie found in the last episode only to realize that he is responsible for the entirety of the Guardian’s death. At the same time, Omni man is just outside the tailor shop taking in the sight of Debbie’s parked car.

Meanwhile, we see Adam Eve decide to give up on college fighting off alien invasions to help humanity on its smallest level and takes off for a new life even though her dad begs her to stay grounded and have a normal life she has zero interest.

The University tour with Rick is off to a good start however at a biology class sit in a new character makes his presence. Now DA Sinclair a supposed genius mocks the professor for his views on human mortality. Mark decides he wants a normal college life for him and Amber, which she happily agrees their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of the mechanical form Doug.

Now invisible shows up and William actually figures out at that moment that it Mark. The cyborg thing is extremely strong and really goes toe to toe with Invincible. Invincible surprised to find himself getting forcibly slammed into the ground. No matter the level of damage that invincible goals out to the monster it keeps getting up.Until Invincible tears off its helmet revealing the mutilated face of Doug Cheston and sees its reflection in the water and realize what it has become and actually oddly commits suicide right there in front of everyone.

Invincible episode 7

So when mark runs out Amber’s beyond pissed she thinks the entire time that he ditched them and would help anybody that was her and she’s actually extremely hurt emotionally. So we also see at this point that DA Sinclair is the man behind the machines he is their maker and he has his eye now set Rick.

Amber then decides to go to a frat party then we see Rick taken then by DA Sinclair and William follows up to trade help in Mark goes after Amber is interrupted by William calling because he is in trouble and so is Rick. we see William being strapped into a chair as Sinclair explains his diabolical plans. Zooming around campus mark now invincible scans the area for any sign of William he remembers the hole in the ground that the first monster emerged from and plunges in. Flying through the sewers at high speeds invincible quickly intercepts one of the monsters that abducted William. As it turns out Sinclair has managed to construct three of his mechanical monsters since Doug and two were able to get the jump on invincible dragging him into the murky depths.


We finally see kind of the belly of the beast right DA Sinclair’s sewer office of sorts. And lots of failed experiments but a few that actually worked including Rick.

They’re all extremely strong and they take invincible down and the only way for them to come around is through William. Now he appeals to Rick’s emotions instead of his brute force telling him about their relationship they had which works. And Rick actually starts helping invincible. They are able to work together to take down all of the cyborgs and DA Sinclair and call for backup.

When Cecil in the medic shows up and is going to try to help Rick take DA Sinclair into custody. So black Samson and Monster Girl finally do both wake up. Nolan visits Art with beers and that’s when Debbie goes home and she is waiting for him and she is drunk. But she does confront him and ask him why he killed the Guardians. He tries to play it off as her being drunk and after he catches the wine bottle that she throws at him in reply. Debbie walked straight up to his looks him dead in the eyes and says **** you Nolan then walks upstairs to her room without another word. Nolan maintains his composure as he watched her go that air of calmness quickly dissipates as he crushes the wine bottle still clasped in his hands then punches a hole in the wall he takes his seat contemplating what he’s going to do next.

We get a post-credits scene of Steve step-son Matt and a friend trying to dig up the immortal from his resting place they are testing the online rumor that drinking from the immortal skull will grant his powers their ridiculous plans are dashed by the arrival of the Mauler Twin who has come to put the previously schemed insurance plan into action and that is the end of this episode. Invincible episode 7 more details coming soon….

Invincible Official Trailer


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