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Edens Zero Episode 18 Release Date, Time, and Spoilers

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Edens Zero Episode 18

Edens Zero Episode 18: Science Fantasy Anime- Edens Zero is about to release its upcoming Episode 18. The fans are eagerly waiting for what will happen next to their favorite trio. In this article, we will talk about Edens Zero Episode 18 release date, time, spoilers, and recap. let’s start the article with a quick recap.

Edens Zero Episode 17 – Recap

The Episode 17 of Edens Zero begins with the defeat of Draken in Digitalis. After defeating him, Shiki and the rest of his crew reclaim Hermit. Then they want Hermit to restore her heart and themselves go back to Edens Zero.

Then Hermit decides that she wants to return her body to Iron Hill. We can see Sister Ivry worried about whether they brought her heart back or not. In the meantime, they hear an emergency alarm and were confused. There was a message from The Great Spider which says that he is a hacking genius. Then, the guy reveals that he is Jamilov, the one they met in Digitalis.


Jamilov hacked Edens Zero and starts to control it. Whereas others were amazed as well as scared. Jamilov was confident and said no human can beat him. Thus, he starts to explode a part of ship.

Edens Zero Episode 18

When everyone was scared, Witch Regret reveals that Edens Zero was being demolished from inside. Witch suggested that only Hermit could stabilize it. They sent the message to harmit and asked her for help.

When Hermit denied help, Shiki and Rebecca decided to convince her. In the meantime, Witch Regret asks Weisz and sister Ivry to repair the damages. Hermit then talks about her conversation about Ether’s reaction. The episode ends with Demon King, who talks about a device that could save a large number of bots.

Edens Zero Episode 18 –

In Episode 18, we will get to see that Hermit will help the crew in fighting against the villain. And they will succeed to defeat Jamilov, who tried to hack Edens Zero.

This episode is entitled ‘The Temple of Knowledge’. Hermit thought that it was her fault but then Witch asks her not to take the blame.

Edens Zero Episode 18

Later, you will get to see a funny scene between the sisters after their reunion. They also remember her fourth sister. Then, the sisters go to a hot spring to enjoy, and here episode 18 ends.

Edens Zero Episode 18 – Release Date and Time

Edens Zero Episode 18 is set to release on Sunday 8 August at 12:55 AM on Netflix. The title of Episode 18 is “Words Will Give You Strength“.

Where to watch Edens Zero?

You can watch Edens Zero season 1 Episode 18 online on Netflix in English subtitles. It’s available on other platforms as well like Edens Zero’s Twitter account and website. The anime is getting interesting with every episode. And don’t miss to write your views below.

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