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Manifest: Matt Long Confirms He Will Return as Zeke Landon For Manifest’s Final Season

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Matt Long Manifest

Matt Long, an American actor who plays the role of Zeke London in “Manifest” confirmed his return. On September 12, Creative Arts Emmy, he was asked about the series. Then only he confirmed the news about his presence and return. His Fans are excited about this news. They all desperately want him to be back and he fulfilled his fan’s desires. 

Matt Long Statement-

Matt Long said, “I don’t know what’s coming, I just hope that Zeke plays a really big part in it, and I’m just really excited and can’t wait to see what it is. We’ve got a few months before we startup, so we’re all thrilled. I will be back for some of it, and we are just trying to work out the maximum amount that we can. I love the characters so much, but as you know, the show earlier canceled. The other show is a pilot. We don’t know what’s happening with it yet. It’salso Canaan awesome project. So, we’re just trying to work out schedules and everybody wants the best thing for everyone. So fingers are being crossed that it all works out for the best.” This statement is recorded when has was asked for clarification on his return.

Matt Long Manifest
Manifest – Matt Long

News about the final season-

The fourth and final season of ‘ Manifest’ is confirmed. It will contain 20 episodes. It will be more than episodes of all three seasons. Its seasons aired on NBC. The first season was launched in September 2018. It contains 16 episodes. Season 3 was launched in June 2021. It contains 13 episodes. Netflix announced Manifest in August. They will try to give fans a proper ending.

Matt’s character as Zeke-

In series, Zeke didn’t onboard flight 828 like others. Also, he doesn’t have any of his loved one on board. But later, he developed a relationship with Michaela. On the flight, passengers feel extreme turbulence, and when the plane land, passengers think that several years have passed out but when they saw them they realize that they are not aged at all. Everyone got confused. So, when they were returning, they all decided to find the reason behind it. They develop visions to see selected events in the future. But on the other hand, Zeke feels blizzard while on a hike. It was a hike that forced him to take shelter in the cave but the cave wasn’t enough for him to survive. He experienced near death. But he came back years later. He too experiences the same feeling as board members feel. He too experiences callings.


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