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Making It Home Kortney and Kenny: All about the show and their relationship

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Kortney and Kenny

A Canadian reality tv program, Making it Home with Kortney and Kenny earlier Making it Home with Kortney and Dave, aired in 2020 on HGTV’s Canadian and U.S. editions. Cast members included Dave and Kortney Wilson, previously of the sitcom Masters of Flip. Kenny Brain from Big Brother Canada Season 2 came to substitute Dave in the second season in May 2021.

Kortney Wilson does not need introductions to real estate aficionados. Kortney Wilson is a multi-talented actor, country music star, real estate agent, and tv host. When it comes to Wilson, she is the definition of perfection with skills, juggling performing with property investment and becoming a television host. Her appearances on HGTV have made her a household name.

Kortney and Kenny

Purchases and sales of homes, as well as holiday rentals, were the foundation of her real estate career. The release of a new season, featuring and Kortney and Kenny from ‘Big Brother Canada Se ason 2’, was in May 2021. It is well received by reviewers. If you have an interest in interior decoration, look out for the program and social networking site, it’s incredible.


Kortney Wilson co-host Relationships

Kortney Wilson is not in any relationship as of now.  and her social sites didn’t include much about a romantic relationship. She was married to her ex-co-host Dave.  They had been together for 18 years, counting 14 years of marriage, when they decided to tie the ceremony. Their oldest baby, Jett Wilson, is already sixteen. Kourtney adopted 10-year-old Lennox following the pregnancy of their second baby, Sully Wilson.

A couple of ex-musicians who become real estate agents confirmed their split in 2019.  When they first meet in 2001, they were in love, and in 2005 they were husband and wife, after which they have been together since before their divorce. The couple split in 2019, which is a shame. HGTV gave the pair a new television show despite their split. Aside from that, the two might be together at various events, such as birthday celebrations.

Even though they are no longer together, they are still close. Photos from her ex-birthday husband’s celebration in 2021 were posted by Kortney. Although they are no longer together, they still care about one other and also have a strong relationship.

Making It Home hosts Kortney and Kenny relationship

People are curious if Kortney and Kenny are in a relationship because of the rising success of their program. Kortney Wilson and Kenny Brain do not appear to be romantically involved, but they really do appear to be excellent friends.
Kenny has previously worked on the program as a contractor. Kortney Wilson is rumored to be in a romantic connection with her new boyfriend, Ryan, according to reports. However, she hasn’t revealed any information on Ryan at this time.


On her Instagram page, she primarily shares images of them together.
Willison was displaying a diamond ring in a picture of her with Ryan. There’s a rumor that she’s engaged to her new lover.
Nevertheless, Willson has not confirmed their engagement.

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