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How is HIV linked with an increased risk of sudden cardiac death? See full details

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HIV cardiac death

HIV cardiac death: HIV is the human immunodeficiency virus. It is the condition that leads to the failure of the human immune system. It is a transmitted disease occurring through blood transfer, pre-ejaculate, and vaginal fluids. The average survival time after the infection is expected to be 9-11 years.

 Recently, a study was done. In that study, there is a comparison between medical information and portable EKG patch data from men living with HIV and men without HIV. Researchers found that people with HIV are more prone to heart diseases. Heart diseases further causing an increased rate of deaths. People usually face four types of sudden cardiac death. These are- Higher risk of heart attack, Heart Failure, Stroke, Blood clots in lungs, and peripheral artery disease.


Cardiac death is not the same as a heart attack. In a heart attack, the blockage is caused by the flow of blood to the heart. But in Cardiac death, there is a problem is the heart’s electrical system. Risk of cardiac increases by 14 percent for HIV patients. Additional risks are also caused due to HIV. Additional risks include hypertension, smoking, alcohol dependence, cardiovascular disease, COPD, and Amenia. But it suggested that one can not sit back thinking it is a death-causing disease. One should do work to reduce cardiovascular diseases. One should eat a healthy diet and remain fit. Smoking should also be avoided. 

An increase in cardiac death of HIV patients was recorded in 2012. It was documented in the clinic of San Francisco. But there was no clear evidence. So, researchers collected data of 543 men without HIV infection, 589 with HIV infection. They were an average age of 57. Researchers found HIV is linked to QT interval variation. The study cannot be called 100% true. There are limitations in that also.


They only use a large number of male participants. This signifies that there could be different cases in women or children. Also, a definitive way of death is not available with Researchers. There is a possibility that some did due to drugs, blood clots, or other life-causing diseases. HIV-positive patients usually have more scar tissue in the heart. So one cannot truly rely on research. The suggestion is made to health care professionals to screen and treat substance disorders especially in people with HIV. 

So, one should take care of himself/herself even they are infected by HIV to avoid further complications.

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