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Jon Kent, The New Superman from DC, is Going to Be A Bisexual Comic Character

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Jon Kent

On Monday DC Comics declared that the new superman “Jon Kent” is bisexual on National Coming Out Day. In the upcoming issue of “Superman Son of Kal-EL.” He will start his link with a man as first reported by IGN. 

Jon Kent is the son of Lois kent and Clark Kent who take over his father’s power. He will fall for Jay Nakauma, who is a reporter. According to the New York Times, he met Jay while difficult and failing to attend school while using a secret personality. According to a DC Comic new release while he’s attempting to save everyone he burns out. Jay is there to look after him. 

Who is Jon Kent? 

Jon Kent is a fictitious character in an American Comic book. It is issued by DC Comics and produced by Dan Jurgens. He become evident in Convergence: Superman #2 in July 2015. Jon is the new character in the DC universe to think the superhero persona of Superboy who later on takes his father’s role as Superman. 

Jon Kent has superpowers. The first superpower Jon Kent expanded was super hearing. Other powers are superhuman strength and indestructible. 

Jon Kent

The two kiss in the fifth issue, which will hit stands Nov 9  

Writer Tom Taylor made a statement as per the release and said that everyone requires heroes and also everyone deserves to have a look at themselves in their favorite heroes. He further added that he is very grateful that DC and Warner Bros. have shared this idea. He said that the symbol of Superman has evolved in the present time and it represents something more than truth, hope, and justice. Today, several people are able to find themselves in the comic’s most powerful superhero. 

Taylor in an interview with The Times added, “The thought of replacing Jon Kent with a straight man felt like a lost opportunity.” He said that he had to have challenges and real-world problems. A new Superman could hold up to as one of the strongest people in the world. 

Tweeter Fans were happy by the news 

All About LGBTQ “Jon Kent” characters in Comic Book  

The first openly LGBTQ Comic book hero, Superman is far from it. But he is probably the most appreciable. Marvel and DC both released LGBTQ anthologies in June during Pride Month to honor their LGBT characters. 

“DC Pride,” and DC’s anthology promoted out crimefighters Batwoman. Harley Quinn, Apollo, Midnighter, Aqualad in stories made by LGBTQ people. 


Anthony Oliveira is a Comic book author and worked on the anthology. The author said at the time the LGBT characters saved his life when he was alone and lonely. 

Jon Kent

In March when DC declared the anthology. He said in a statement that “ It’s an esteem to tell stories about them and to see the variety of stories LGBT characters can tell about LGBT people to grow and strengthen.” 

The 80-page book comprised the first Comic-book look of a Dreamer, a bisexual superhero. Megan Townsend who is the director of entertainment research and analysis at GLAAD said bisexual people are still not present. Though there is an expanded number of LGBTQ characters in Comic books. 


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