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David Fincher Announces Surprise Netflix Documentary Film Series ‘Voir’

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Netflix Voir

“Voir,” a new documentary film of graphic studies honoring the film. It ill be produce by David Fincher in collaboration with Netflix.

After posting on Tuesday, “Something amazing is arriving soon from David Fincher”. Netflix, and at minimum, the Twitter handle devoted towards its films has cinema lovers buzzing. Unfortunately, that “anything extraordinary” isn’t a third season of “Mindhunter” or a follow-up to “Mank,”. The filmmaker’s Oscar-nominated Netflix film regarding “Citizen Kane” author. Fincher, who’s really associate developing “Voir” alongside David Prior. The filmmaker of “The Empty Man,” hasn’t revealed anything regarding the next film.

The sequence of Ten to thirty-minute pieces is all about “anything which interests us or disturbs us or does have to do with our attachment to the films,”. According to author Drew McWeeny, who’s still leading the program. “Voir” has its world debut on November 13 at AFI Fest through L.a.. Without first being release on Netflix at a future date.

Fincher is well known for his films “Fight Club,”. “Zodiac,” “The Social Network,” as well as Madonna’s “Vogue” video clip. He just inked a four-year movie contract with Netflix. Experienced working on shows like “House of Cards” and “Mindhunter” also with streaming service. Fincher is filming the Netflix film “The Killer,” an assassination thriller starring Michael Fassbender, as reported previously.


Some high-profile filmmakers are coming against Netflix. As well as its unconventional cinematic broadcast techniques. But Fincher claims he enjoys the creative control he’s being granted.

David Fincher: The Art of Filmmaking

Fincher’s filming approach usually starts with a lot of study and planning. Though he claims it varies from project to project. “I love reading a story in which you can visualize in your brain. And afterward, I like auditioning and rehearsals. Moreover, I like all the discussions about what really might, may, and could be,” he added. Fincher acknowledges that he has dictatorial inclinations and enjoys micromanaging every aspect of the process. Sigurjon Sighvatsson, a coworker, described him as “always a renegade… Every time confronting the established quo.”


Fincher, who Is famous for his careful attention to precision and creative characteristics. Conducts extensive study before hiring actors to ensure that they are suitable for the role. “He has an uncanny ability to spot the one thing that has been overlooked. He is the most knowledgeable of all “said Max Daly, a coworker. “He’s really terrifyingly brilliant,” producer Laura Ziskin said. “He’s kind of brighter than everybody else in space.”.

Moreover, the filmmaker treats editing as though it were “complex mathematical difficulties.”. Angus Wall, the editor of Zodiac. Compared it to “assembling a Swiss timepiece. All of the components have been machined to perfection. He’s a whiz with details. He’s never completely happy with his current situation. In addition, his art has a sincerity about it.”


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