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How Venom Can Enter Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU)? Rumors and Theories

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Venom MCU

Anything is possible in the world of Superheroes! With the release of a new teaser of Spiderman: No Way Home, it became clear that Venom will not be there in MCU. However, there are still ways through which Venom can connect to the Spiderman World and join MCU. Although the role of Venom has become not-so-important. But, in the coming time, its movie and character will play an important role. Now, let’s discuss how Venom can Join MCU!


There are several rumors that Spiderman will appear in Venom 2. However, it is still not confirmed. There are two main reasons that can lead us in concluding that there is less chance of spiderman appearing in Venom 2. Although Venom is very important for the Spiderman Universe but the popularity of Spiderman is well known. If Spiderman appears in Venom 2 then their screen presence will reduce.

Moreover, Spiderman is coming in a legendary movie after two months that is said to break all the records of Avengers. So, bringing Spiderman to this movie does not make sense. The other reason is that the makers made the completely different world of Venom that is quite impossible to connect to the Spiderman Universe. Moreover, considering the rumors that their worlds will be connected and they will live in the same world without fighting again does not make sense.

Venom MCU

How can Venom connect to Spiderman Universe?

The makers have put Venom in San Fransisco rather than New York, this makes it difficult that the two will connect. Additionally, according to the sources, the movie will be for 90 minutes only. To show all these things in such a short time frame is quite difficult.

Therefore, for now, it is quite impossible to see Venom and Spiderman in the same universe. However, they will appear in the future for sure when their worlds will collide. As also confirmed by the director of Venom 2 who said that A Venom and Spider-Man crossover “is going to happen”. But they are not in a rush. Hence, in this part, it is not possible.


The Multiverse is going to play a very important role. In the coming movie, you will probably see the crossover of several superheroes including Spiderman. So, it is possible that Venom will enter this universe where we can see a face-off of different superheroes. Moreover, in the coming movies, this concept of the multiverse will appear more often.

However, people are confused as the rights of Spiderman are with Sony and they just had a deal with Marvel which will end in Spiderman: No Way Home. But, the popularity that this has got will be very beneficial for the production. Therefore, in the future, maybe Sony will sign another deal with Marvel.

Thus, it is difficult that Venom will enter MCU but there are possibilities through Multiverse that in the future, it will!

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