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Ted Lasso Season 3 Confirmed by Cast, Season 3 Will Have 12 Episodes

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Ted Lasso Season 3

Recently, the news of Ted Lasso season 3 having 12 episodes just like season 2 is going viral. The creator, Bill Lawrence, and star, Jason Sudeikis confirms the news. Let’s find out more about it in this article.

Ted Lasso: Success

The series of Apple TV become a cultural phenomenon after it aires in 2020. Till now, the series has gained the most number of Emmy nominations for freshman comedy series. It won many other awards also. It won awards like 

Outstanding Lead Actor In Comedy by Jason Sudeikis,

Outstanding Supporting Actor in Comedy Series by Brett Goldstein,

Outstanding Supporting Actress in Comedy Series by Hannah Waddingham and

Outstanding Comedy Series 

All these awards show the true success of the series. That may be the reason for the season 3 decision. But writers are denying this fact and saying that Awards and nominations don’t change or influence our decision of season 3 or its story and concept.

Ted Lasso Season  3

All About Ted Lasso Season 3-

Ted Lasso team is planning 12 episodes of season 3 just like season 2. The writers will choose to use those additional last 2 episodes of season 2 to expand the story of season 3 and will experiment with the different sides of the story. They can also add various characters to the season. Currently, it is decided that season 3 will be the last season of Ted Lasso. It will give the audience a little extra time with the Richmond Team.

Ted Lasso Season 3

Apple is hoping to release series of Season 3 by next year Summer 2020. Even crew members were asked about season 3 backstage of Emmy. On interviewing more person, creator, Bill Lawrence, and Star, Jason Sudeikis confirms the news that season 3 will be having the same number of episodes as Season 2 i.e. 12. 

What happened in Season 1 and Season 2?

Season 1 of Ted Lasso has 10 episodes. Earlier, season 2 was also having 10 episodes. But in 2021, Apple confirms additional two episodes. Then after long discussions, two more episodes are added. The last-second episode was based on Christmas titled” Carol of Bells”. And the last episode is based on Coach Beard titled ” Beard After Hours”. The story and concept of the episode will be different from the main story. Characters will also be different from the main story. It will further be linked with season 3 episodes. Ted Lasso is currently airing its season 2 episodes. The finale of season 2 will be aired on October 8, 2021. While writers have starting writing content related to season 3.


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