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HBO Revealed First Image of The Last of Us Series Featuring Joel and Ellie

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The Last of Us First Image

Recently, there is a celebration of “The Last Of Us”. In the celebration, the first image of the series is revealed. Fans are excited after seeing the first image of the show. They are expecting some interesting stories and plots in the coming season. After the successful game, they are expecting the series to be more successful and better than a game. Let’s find what all can happen in the series which is revealed through the first image of the series in this article.

What is in the first image?

The first image shows Pedro Pascal’s Joel and Bella Ramsey’s Ellie. The faces of the characters are not revealed. But the fans and audiences have got the idea about they are the characters same as the game. It also gives an idea of how these character’s roles will be adopted for the action series. In the first image, it is shown that the clothes of Joel and Ellie and their backpacks are the same Asia she game. It’s a very careful step by the director of the series, Neil Druckmann. 


There is one drowned airplane shown in the movie. But it is unclear whether it will be a part of a story or it is just for the aesthetic look to make the image look more horror. Although, there were no scenes about airplanes in the first season of The Last Of Us. And if is going to be included in this season, then it will be a new story. 

The cast of “The Last to Us”-

Earlier, it was said that season will adapt 2013’s The Last To Us. But this is not yet confirmed. Another thing that is confirmed is the cast.  There is a revelation about the characters Tess, Marlene, Tommy, and Sarah. Earlier, Jeffrey Pierce is voicing Tommy’s character. This time also, she will be appearing on the show but not as a voice actress.


The writers and producers of the series confirm that there will be 10 episodes. It is a high-budget series. Its episode budget is around dollar 10 million. Which can show how big and amazing the series will be. 

Neil Druckman, the director of the series also post the first image on Twitter saying “When I first saw them on set in full costume, I was like: ‘Hooooooly s***! It’s Joel & Ellie!’ The @HBO adaptation of @Naughty_Dog’s The Last of Us is full steam ahead! Can’t wait to show you more (from all of our projects!) Happy #TLoUDay!!!”. 


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