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YoungBoy Reveals Album ‘Sincerely Kentrell’ Tracklist and Release Date

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Sincerely Kentrell

The tracklist for NBA YoungBoy’s forthcoming album has certainly been published. Sincerely Kentrell is the album and his fans are ecstatic.

So far, 2021 seems to have been a fantastic year for artists, with new albums from Billie Eilish, Drake. Music lovers are as thrilled for YoungBoy’s next album, Sincerely, Kentrell, regardless of the year’s huge launches.

Sincerely Kentrell’s Release Date

Sincerely, Kentrell, the upcoming album from the Precious Pain rapper, is expected to drop on September 24, although no specific date has been announced.

Moreover, Toxic Punk, White Teeth, and Nevada are among the newly heard tunes on YoungBoy’s upcoming album’s tracklist. Youngboy and his son Kentrell are shown in a music studio on the album’s initial look, or the album artwork. Despite being in his early twenties, the rapper has welcomed up to seven kids. Kentrell Gaulden Jr. is his kid with Floyd Mayweather’s daughter, Iyanna.

Sincerely Kentrell


Despite being imprisoned, the 21-year-old Baton Rouge rapper continues to surprise his supporters with the tracklist for his new album, Sincerely, Kentrell. Here’s the whole tracklisting for the forthcoming album.

  1. Bad Morning
  2. Hold Me Down
  3. On My Side
  4. Smoke Strong
  5. 50 Shots
  6. No Where
  7. Sincerely
  8. I Can’t Take it Back
  9. Rich Shit
  10. Toxic Punk
  11. My Killa
  12. Life Support
  13. Break Or Make Me
  14. Forgiato
  15. Baddest Thing
  16. Nevada
  17. Level I Want to Reach
  18. Kickstand
  19. All In
  20. White Teeth
  21. Panoramic

While the rapper’s followers were taken aback by the tracklist’s unexpected publication, they were even more astonished by the revelation that it had no features.

Anybody who even has a passing knowledge of how recording and album releasing function indeed understands that features and collaborations are now an integral component of the music-making process.

 nowadays, nearly every single rapper’s record contains several collaborations, and they generally only perform solo on a few tracks. NBA YoungBoy, on the other hand, is not one to obey the rules. The Louisiana rapper is known for marching to the rhythm of his own drums, and his latest album is no exception.


Although fans were ecstatic about the rapper’s approaching release, some may have been perplexed by the revelation that perhaps the album has however many as 21 tracks but no features. Others, on the other hand, are ecstatic that the CD has just NBA Young Boy and no one else.


On Twitter, someone wrote: Sincerely Kentrell is more than just an album; it’s a lifestyle, a purpose to live, and a getaway from this harsh, thieving society. It’s creativity, the first Christmas present you receive, a hug from a beloved one, all that you’ve ever desired, everything you require. Thank you very much, NBA YOUNGBOY.
The other, on the other hand, wrote Sincerely Kentrell will have NO Features, implying that everything will be YB.


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