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Final Season of ‘Big Mouth’ Announced: Netflix’s Popular Animated Series Comes to an End

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Big Mouth series has got season eight renewed and that’s going to be the last one of it. The series has been giving viewers a fun-to-watch storyline for many years. However, it seems like the end of it has approached. But when is Big Mouth season 8 coming up?

Read ahead to know more about the Big Mouth series renewing itself for the eighth season and it’s the last one.

Big Mouth renewed for season eight

Big Mouth has been giving its viewers some great storylines to watch so far. This year, however, the series is going to air its seventh season the announcement about its eighth season has come up too and viewers are excited to know more.

Well then, Big Mouth season 7 is coming sometime around the fall of 2023 as the official release date for it isn’t announced. Meanwhile, there was recently reported that a season eight is in line to happen as well and we can hope to have it then in 2024. A confirmation is indeed awaited for its release date though.


Human Resource to go off air after season 2

Human Resource on the other hand has been another series making everyone love it with its episodes. However, there’s an announcement about this series as well. As we are to get this series to go off air after season 2. Which is a goodbye season for all this time.

Moreover, both Big Mouth and Human Resource have been a great series for the viewers overall. In fact, Big Mouth and the spin-off series of it got more than 1 billion viewing hours as per Netflix. But now it’s time for all to have it for one last time.

More about Big Mouth going off-air

Big Mouth with its eighth and final season would become the longest-running series excluding kids and family programming as per Variety. Not to miss, previously this title belonged to Grace and Frankie and Orange Is The New Black. That had seven seasons each to run.

Human Resource was on the other hand having its character as hormone monsters of Big Mouth. Billie Wee, Netflix’s director of adult animation had said “Big Mouth’ is a towering achievement in animated comedy that will make Netflix history for its longevity”. Luckily, viewers are still having two seasons left of the series to come before it goes off the air.


Netizens react to Big Mouth ending after Season 8


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