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The American remake of Squid Game faces backlash amid reports

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Squid Game



It appears like fans are not happy to learn that Netflix might be planning to develop an American remake of the popular Korean show Squid Game.

Here is everything you need to know.

The American remake of Squid Game sparks online criticism

Multiple reputable media outlets reported on 14th April Friday that Netflix is in the process of creating an American remake of the mega-popular 2021 show Squid Game.

According to reports, the filming for the series is most likely set to kick start by the second half of this year.

Furthermore, Jeff Sneider’s The Hot Mic podcast, the American version of the show will supposedly be helmed by David Fincher.

For the unversed, Fincher has previously served as a director for several critically acclaimed films such as Fight Club, Gone Girl, and Zodiac.

If you didn’t know, Squid Game was created by Hwang Dong-hyuk and is designed like a survival game.

It centers around 456 contestants coming together to participate in a deadly contest in the hopes to win the ultimate cash prize of $35 million or 45.6 billion won.

Meanwhile, the drama became an instant hit globally for addressing Korea’s growing issues like capitalism, income inequality, etc.

Besides that, this is not the first time reports suggested an American remake of a Korean series. 

Earlier there have been talks of hit K-dramas such as Crash Landing On You and Extraordinary Attorney Woo to be reimagined in America as well.

Fans react to the news of Squid Game getting an American remake

Fans of Squid Game are reportedly not impressed with the idea of the show getting an American remake. 

Moreover, some of the fans find it unnecessary since the viewers have already watched and loved the original Korean version of the show.

Regardless, others believe that the American version will not be able to recreate the essence of the original version.

A fan wrote, ‘The American version of Squid Game will be worse than the South Korean version. Much, much worse.’

Someone else added, ‘My thing is why would y’all create an American version of Squid Game when y’all already have the original? That makes no sense to me.’


Another user commented, ‘We’re already living in an American version of Squid Game, why do we need a television version?’

A different user penned, ‘Hey @netflix! We do not want an “American” version of #SquidGame. We are waiting on Season 2. Unless Season 2 takes place in America.’


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