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Eternals Thena Vs Hela: Who Are They, Their Fight & Outcome Explained

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Hela vs Thena

Hela vs Thena: Out of the many multi-powerful superior races of the complex marvel Universe, Asgardians and Eternals are God-like characters. Today we will be talking about two strong women from both the universes, Thena and Hela.


For starters, both the ladies have a lot of similarities. They are both as old as time, close to 10,000 years. Both are the epitome of beauty. Thena’s goddess-like facial features are undeniably an embodiment of perfection. Hela, on the other hand, has silky black hair and enchanting eyes. Both of them even manifest weapons through magic.


But what if both of them were to fight against each other? It sure would be a fight worth watching. But, who would win?



Thena, who is a near-immortal and has been genetically engineered by Celestials, came to Earth in the stone age to protect humans from Deviants She can- manipulate cosmic energy- heat and light- manifest self-created weapons- has great physical strength- lift up to 25 tons- fly on air- teleport- knows all combat styles of weaponry of Earth. Though, her weakness like other Eternals is that there is a limit to her strengths.

Hela vs Thena


Hela, the Goddess of Death has pretty dangerous supernatural powers, powers like inhumane strength, stamina, durability, Black Magic Telepathy, Necromancy deadly touch (hand of glory) High-Level Mystical Powers Matter Generation.

Hela vs Thena

Hela vs Thena: Who Would Win According To Us

Hela has an unlimited number of strengths. She was even able to destroy Thor’s Hammer and before going to the hell dimension had fought so many powerful forces with the young Oden. On the other hand, Thena has only fought Deviants, that too along with her fellow Eternals.

As we told earlier, Hella is the owner of the necroswords who have the capability to destroy even the Celestials, who are the creators of Eternals like Thena.

This clearly indicates that it would be an easy win for Hela.


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