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Andrew Garfield Spider-Man No Way Home set video is it real or fake? Explained

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Andrew Garfield on Spider-Man No Way Home set

Is Andrew Garfield’s appearing in Spider-Man: No Way Home movie fake or not! In this article, you will know about the background of this chaos, and whether Andrew Garfield joins the team or not!

This year, On December 17th, Disney SpiderMan-No Way Home will be released all over the place. Reportedly said, The three Spiderman is to meet each other in this movie. In regards to that, there was a video leak and this became the most discussed and debated topic right now. 

Previously, the cast list revolving around the movie became the most talking subject over the internet. There are various reports saying that the past Spider-Man actors will be joining in this film. 

First of all, Tobey and Andrew Garfield are getting into the probe for now. Especially, Andrew Garfield is receiving special attention because he begins to promote his movies for the fall seasons. Whereas, Andrew Garfield clearly mentions that he is not appearing in Spider-Man: No Way Home, even after the allegedly leaked video straight from the set. Even Garfield stepped down to explain that the leaked video and its picture are Photoshop one. But, fans are acting fishy. So, in the previous week, he admitted that is not going to convince anyone. 


Who is this VFX artist Alex Cerrato? His explanation on Andrew Garfield video

A new development is claiming to prove Garfield’s face is an assertion in the video, nothing else. On Tuesday, Alex Cerrato (VFX artist) shares a video revealing how he photoshopped him and shows he is not in this movie. This particular clip breaks down what is deepfake Process is. This mainly involves Garfield’s face is getting along with Spider-Man’s body. 

Even this person, Cerrato hides the like and dislike count in his video. Plus, the comments themselves say that they don’t buy what he claims. However, the video explains how editing is being used to create the image; this proves some additional information that Garfield’s assertion of the image is fake. It is important to notice that, for creating a photoshop picture like right now; there should be an image that is previously taken. So, the photoshop in question is fake. Though, proving with such a technicality will not make the fans believe it.  

Andrew Garfield spider man

Moreover, Marvel actors already have a history that claims that he/she not involved in the particular project, then revealing they are lying. Comparably, Andrew Garfield means that much about his denials with the project Spider-Man: No Way Home. Simultaneously, it is very nice not to keep one’s hope too high! Already, fans have very high expectations with Spider-Man: No Way Home; and Andrew Garfield also cautions the fans not to become upset in the future. 

Finally, the video seems to be fake and it seems like Andrew Garfield is going to be there! Yet, at this moment, only the movie can clarify all the rumors and questions. 


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