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Tokyo Revengers Episode 13 Release Date, Recap & More

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Tokyo Revengers Episode 13

Tokyo Revengers: The anime Tokyo Revengers is an adaptation of the Japanese manga series Tōkyō Ribenjāzu. Ken Wakui is the main author and illustrator of the manga series. It has been serialized in Kodansha‘s Weekly Shōnen Magazine since March 2017. Yasuyuki Mutō is the main scriptwriter and Keiko Ōta is the character designer of the anime. And it is directed by Koichi Hatsumi. The first episode of the anime was released on 11th April 2021. The last episode was named “Revenge” and it is the 12th entry. And fans are eagerly waiting for episode 13 to come.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 12: Recap

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Tokyo Revengers Episode 12: Takemichi goes to visit Hinata

As we have seen in the early episode, Takemichi visited Akkun in the salon he works. And then Naoto called and congratulated him for his success in changing the reality. He also asked him to go together to see Hinata. After that Naoto came and picked up Takemichi in his car. Takemichi seems pretty happy by the fact that Hina is alive. Naoto also confirms that he researched but could not find the news of the accident that happened with Hinata.

They came to Hinata’s apartment. Takemichi remembers the time when they broke up, it was twelve years ago. And it hurts him still now. These thoughts held him back, so he decided not to visit her. He apologizes to Naoto and starts going back. Takemichi is pretty sure that Hina must have forgotten him. He is twenty-six now but doesn’t have a proper job and he considers himself a failure. This is another reason for him not to visit her. Hina is alive that is most important for him. He doesn’t want anything more. When he tries to go out, the door opens in front of him, and Hina bumps into him. Hina calls him by his name. He starts crying out of happiness.


Tokyo Revengers Episode 12: Takemichi is nervous to talk to Hinata

Hina invited him to have coffee. When they are having coffee it is a very weird situation. Because Takemichi and Hinata both are nervous to talk to each other. And Naoto feels like he is the third wheel. So Naoto decided to leave home. But Takemichi is trying to keep him. Naoto offers an idea that all of them should go for a drive then it will be easier to talk. But when they went out, even then Takemichi is nervous. Takemichi is confused about the neckless Hina is wearing. Is that the one he gave to her or it’s another one she bought recently?

Naoto is called for work, when he was leaving them he asks Takemichi to talk things out between them. Takemichi wants to talk to her very badly. But he is so nervous and shy. Then Hina stops the car in a parking lot and asks Takemichi to go for a walk. Hina took him to a park. The park was very special to her because she and her lover came there on Christmas Eve. And he dumped her. Then with her watery eyes, Hina asks him why he dumped her. He is confused because in the previous world Hina dumped him, but in this world he dumped Hina. He is wondering if she has still feelings for him. Now he doesn’t want to be hesitant anymore. He is confident that he will ask her out.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 12: Hanma destroyed Takemichi’s life again

When he was coming out of the bathroom he sees Hanma the Moebius temporary commander who tried to break Toman apart. Hanma asks him why he is not in the car. This worries Takemichi, so he runs to see Hina in the car. When he arrives there he sees that another car has crashed Hina’s car. Seeing this he is in shock. He shouts her name loudly. When he comes close, he sees that Akkun was the one who was driving the other car. Akkun tells him that he is now one of Kisaki’s soldiers. And everyone in Toman has to obey Kisaki. Akkun was in a bloodbath, and he asks Takemichi to save everyone. Takemichi is shouting that nothing has changed. Then the car blows up.


Takemichi went rushing towards Hina. She is still alive. So he tries to bring her outside of the smashed car. But when he opens the window he sees that Hina is hurt pretty badly and it’s not easy to bring her out. He embraces her head and says always and forever he has always loved her. Hina doesn’t want him to die with her so she forcefully pushes him. After that the car blasts. Takemichi is angry and determines to bring her back at any cost. And this time he will be the leader of Toman.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 13: Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

Tokyo Revengers Episode 13 will be released on –

Saturday, 4th July, 2021, at 5:00 AM JST in Japan

Saturday, 4th July, 2021, at 1:30 AM IST in India

Friday, 3rd July, 2021, at 16:00 AM EDT in USA

Where to Watch? you can watch all-new episodes of Tokyo Revengers online streaming on Crunchyroll.

Tokyo Revengers: Trailer

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