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Tokyo Revengers Episode 12 Release Date, Time & Recap

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Takemichi (Tokyo Revengers Episode 12)

Tokyo Revengers Episode 12: The anime Tokyo Revengers is an adaptation of the Japanese manga series Tōkyō Ribenjāzu. Ken Wakui is the main author and illustrator of the manga series. It has been serialized in Kodansha‘s Weekly Shōnen Magazine since March 2017. As of June 2021, the manga has been sold over 20 million copies. Tokyo Revengers 2021 is the anime adaptation of this wonderful shonen manga. Yasuyuki Mutō is the main scriptwriter and Keiko Ōta is the character designer of the anime. And it is directed by Koichi Hatsumi. 11 April 2021 is the date when the publishers dropped the first episode of this anime. And in this short amount of time, it gathered quite a good anime fanbase. The last episode was named “Respect” and it is the 11th entry. And fans are eagerly waiting for the next one to come.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 11: Recap

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As we have seen in previous episodes that Takimichi’s friends came to the rescue of Takemichi and Draken. They are weak but strong enough to rescue them from being killed and buy them enough time when an ambulance arrived. Kiyomasa’s gang flew from the spot. Emma and Hinata came running towards them with the ambulance. Then Takemichi’s friends helped to stop their bleeding and took them to the ambulance.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 11: Draken gets a cardiac arrest

Meanwhile, in the parking lot, the fight is over now and the wounded gasping gang members from both Toman and Moebius are laying on the ground. Some gang captains are also badly wounded too. At that time MItsuya sitting on the ground finding Mikey. He found him still standing against the Moebius commander and ready to fight. The Moebius gang commander is bleeding because Mikey beat him pretty badly. Listening to the police siren both gangs scattered around. When Hanma, the Moebius commander was leaving, he gives Mikey the threat that he will now gonna face the most powerful gang Valhalla and he is the first vice commander of that gang.


In the ambulance, Takemichi was praying desperately for Draken to recover. At that time Draken holds his hand and thanked him for everything. Then his pulse stopped. The doctors tried CPR but failed. They arrived at the hospital but Takemichi is still in shock. Takemichi’s friends, Hinata, Emma, and the Toman members arrive there. Takemichi explains how Draken’s pulse stopped in the ambulance. Then Mikey arrives and he is very positive that Draken will not gonna die here, in this way. Because Draken is a man of his words and he promised Mikey that they will rule the world together. He asks everyone to believe in Draken.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 11: Draken is alive

After some time the doctors came out of the operation theater and gave them the news that they have saved Draken’s life. Hearing this everyone becomes happy. But Peh-yan is still upset because Draken had to go through all of this just for him. Mitsuya comforts him by saying that they all know that he has done all of that for pah-chin. Takemichi comes outside of the hospital. Hinata was telling Emma that it is 4th August already. Listening to that Takemichi remembers Naoto’s words. And he feels shy of relief for the reason that he has saved Draken’s life and his mission is successful. Next, he tries to find Mikey. He finds him in the back of the hospital, crying alone for Draken. Takemichi’s respect for Mikey increased. He admires his attitude.

After one week of that incident, Takemichi is now living a king-like life. Because of the rumors that he has stopped the fight. He came to visit Draken at the hospital and he seems pretty overconfident. Draken warns him not to go with the flow. Then Draken gives him a Toman uniform which Mikey left. The uniform was Mikey’s first uniform when he made Toman. And it is as valuable as his life. Draken again thanked him for saving Toman and says him to visit Mikey on the roof. Mikey also thanked him for his deeds.


Tokyo Revengers Episode 11: Takemichi returns to his own timeline

When coming from the hospital Takemichi says to himself he wants to stay with them always but he can’t. He has to go home, back to his time. Then he visits Hinata’s home and asked for Naoto. In the meantime, he gave a neckless to Hinata and says her to be happy. Then when Naoto arrives he asks him for a handshake. As soon as he shakes Naoto’s hand he comes back to his own timeline.

Hinata (Tokyo Revengers Episode 11)

Takemichi finds himself in the store working, where he worked but was fired. He tries to find Naoto’s number on his cell phone, but he failed. He begins to consider his time travel as a dream. But when he looks at his left hand, the mark of the knife wound was there. Then he went to a salon which was scheduled on his phone. He finds Akkun there and he is now a hairstylist assistant. Then Naoto calls him and congratulates him for his success.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 12: Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

Tokyo Revengers Episode 12 will be released on June 27, 2021, at 2:07 AM JST.  You can watch all the episodes of Tokyo Revengers on Crunchyroll.

Tokyo Revengers: Trailer

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