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Pokemon Journeys Episode 69 Release Date, Recap & Preview

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Pokemon Journeys Episode 69

Pokemon Journeys Episode 69: Pokemon is one of the most popular anime series of all time. Pokemon Journeys: The Series has received huge popularity within the release of few episodes of this series. The series is also known as Pokemon 2019, you can watch episode 68 on Netflix.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 68: Recap

Pokemon 2019 Episode 68 was released on May 28, 2021, titled Rivals for Goh? The Path to Mew!!!.

The episode begins with our heroes at Oak’s laboratory because Goh has to deliver some papers from Cerise to Oak. This then leads to Oak asking Goh about his goals and when Goh says his goal is to capture Mew, Oak tells him about project Mew. A project that’s being designed right now to try to capture and study mew. He invites Goh but Goh says no. Then after that Ash returns to where all of his Pokémon are well not all of them almost all of them are. They have a bit of a reunion before Oak tells him that Ash’s Infernape has been missing the last couple of days. While he and Tracey tried to find it they couldn’t find it. So, our heroes go looking for Infernape.  

Pokemon Journeys Episode 69

While searching for Infernape our hero stumbled upon it Onyx. When Goh tries to capture it and it fails. It almost attacks them but luckily they are saved by none other than Gary. Ash and Gary have a bit of a reunion before Ash introduces Goh to Gary. Gary antagonizes Goh similar to how he used to antagonize Ash. Before Gary tells him that the reason he’s here back in Kanto is that he’s trying to look for Moltres and that his research has led him to the fact that it’s probably nearby in a valley. Ash is also trying to look for Infernape. Gary thinks that maybe it’s nearby so they go together and Goh comes along.  

Pokemon Journeys Episode 69

They reached the valley and for a little bit, they discuss how Gary figured out that Moltres would be nearby and why Infernape could also be nearby. It turns out he’s right Infernape is nearby. There is a small reunion before Moltres appears and our heroes have a battle. It goes about as well as you think a battle with the legendary would which is surprisingly good. In the end, Moltres leaves, and while doing that it dropped one of its feathers which Gary collects. Later we find out that Gary is also participating in project Mew and getting the Moltres feather was one of his tasks to be invited to the team. Gary antagonizes Goh a little bit more and Goh ends up saying that he will join the project Mew team.  


Pokemon Journeys Episode 69: Release Date & Time

Pokemon 2019/ Pokemon Journeys: The Series Episode 69 will be released upcoming Friday, June 4, 2021, at 6:55 PM JST titled “I Want to Watch Their First Errand!“.

Where to Watch? you can watch all-new episodes of Pokémon 2019 season 23 online streaming on Netflix. Pokémon Journeys Episode 69 will be released on June 4, 2021.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 69: Preview

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