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Pokemon Journeys Episode 70 Release Date, Recap & Preview

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Pokemon Journeys Episode 70

In this article, we will talk about Pokemon Journeys: The Series episode 70 and 69. The series is also known as Pokémon 2019 series and in Japan as Pocket Monsters. The series is 23 season of the Pokémon series and first premiered on 17 November on TV Tokyo.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 69: Recap

Pokemon Journeys: The Series Episode 69 was released on Friday, June 4, 2021, titled “I Want to Watch Their First Errand!“.

As our heroes are in the Pokémon center to pick up some supplements that they need for an errand. Goh’s Grookey and Chloe’s Eevee cause trouble when they jump on Chansey’s pouch causing her egg to fall. Luckily Pikachu is there for the save. So to prove that their Pokémon can behave. Ash compels both Goh and Chloe to see if their Pokémon can do a simple task of taking the supplements that they just got from the Pokémon center back to the lab by themselves because Pikachu could do it so much easier. After setting up their Pokémon each with the supplements and telling them how to get back to the lab Goh and Chloe wish them well. But Ash tells them to follow from behind just in case they need help that way they can sneakily provide them with support. And on the other hand, team rocket is doing something similar as they want to get ice cream to put on top of the pie and eat it.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 70

They’re sending Pelipper to do that. Because this is also its first errand just like our heroes Jessie’s worried so she says they should also follow behind it and sneakily provided it with support. The rest of the episode is hijinks as Eevee and Grookey get distracted. Ash helped them using Gengar. And even team rocket’s Pelipper forgets where it’s supposed to go and it’s getting ample support from team rocket. The episode concludes with Pelipper getting back to the rocket base with the ice cream only for Morpeko to eat everything. Eevee to make it to the lab by itself with the supplements and Grookey who got dropped off in the forest by team rocket’s Pelipper struggling but eventually getting back to the lab with the supplement completing its first task. 


Pokemon Journeys Episode 70: Release Date & Time

Pokemon 2019/ Pokemon Journeys: The Series Episode 70 will be released upcoming Friday, June 11, 2021, at 6:55 PM JST titled “Please ! Catch Morpeko!“.

Where to Watch? you can watch all-new episodes of Pokemon Journeys: The Series or Pokemon 2019 season 23 online streaming on Netflix.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 70: Preview

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