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Tokyo Revengers Episode 9 Release Date, Time & Recap

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Tokyo Revengers Episode 9

Tokyo Revengers Episode 9: It is an adaptation of manga series of the same name written by Yasuyuki Mutō and directed by Koichi Hatsumi. The shonen manga is well known for its intricate storyline and relevant characters. As of now, the manga sold well over 14.5 million copies worldwide. The first episode of the Tokyo Revengers anime adaptation was premiered this year on April 11. Until now we got 8 outstanding episodes. And fans are eagerly waiting for the next one to come.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 8: Recap

At the starting of episode 8, we can see Takemichi is pretty angry because Draken and Mikey have destroyed all his favorite things. So he stops them and Takemichi’s friends giving farewell to Takemichi for that. All Takemichi’s memories related to those things that Mikey and Draken have broken are lost. So Takemichi starts shouting at them. Takemichi took Draken’s collar and says that he is the one who went crazy and has broken his things. Then Takemichi’s friends arrive there and start trying to take him away from Draken. Takemichi tells Draken angrily that he doesn’t give attenti on to the people around him. What happens to them. Takemichi tells both of them that when two of them fights then they don’t care about the people around them.


Tokyo Revengers Episode 8: Takemichi ends the conflict between Mikey and Draken

Tokyo Revengers Episode 8

Takemichi says to them while crying that all the members of Toman look up to them. So if they start fighting like this them Toman will gonna fall apart. And that is very sad. To cheer Takemichi up Mikey says to him that all of this time some garbage was on his head. And all of them start laughing at Takemchi. Mikey laughs at Takemichi then tells Draken to run. And both of them ran away. Takemichi looks at the other and sees that his friends also leaving him laughing at him.

After that Takemichi, Draken and Mikey are in a park and talking. And Takemichi’s friends are playing football. Draken says that was hilarious. Draken and Mikey both tell each other sorry. Takemichi asks then what was the reason they are fighting over. They reply that they forgot. Mikey stands up and says that when Pah will be free they will celebrate a lot. Takemichi was happy because Mikey and Draken have made up. So there will be no conflict in Toman and Draken will not die on August 3rd. So his mission is successful.

At that time Hinata and Emma arrive there. Hinata wants to ask something to Takemichi. But she is shy. So Emma says to Takemichi that Hina wants to go to the festival with Takemichi. Takemichi says yes to Hinata. Emma sees that his brother, Mikey, and Draken are playing with Takemichi’s friends. Emma was not expecting the scene. She goes there and asks Draken that they were fighting and she was pretty worried about that. Draken says that made up.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 8: Takemichi gets the intel that someone will attack Draken

Tokyo Revengers Episode 8

On the evening of August 3rd, they all go to the fair. Hinata and Emma are looking beautiful in their Yukata. Hinata is with Takemichi and Emma is with Draken. Hina says to Takemichi that Emma loves Draken so much. Then Hinata and Takemichi stop at a shooting shop. But Takemichi was unable to win anything for Hinata. So he is very pissed. Hinata laughs at him. At that time it starts raining and Takemichi and Hinata go under a tree to avoid the rain. They got pretty close. But at that time Takemichi’s friend Yamagishi calls. He tells him to watch Draken’s back because some guys in the Mikey faction are out to get Draken. Takemichi is scared that the conflict is not over yet.

Takemichi starts running around and finding Draken. At that time he sees some Toman gang members and some Moebius members. Kiyomasa was leading them. But someone catches Takemichi and takes him to them. All of them start hitting him. After that, They tie him up with duck tapes. All of them left him there like that. After some time Hinata comes there and unties him. Takemichi starts crying and hates himself because he could not have saved anyone’s life. Hinata kisses him and says that he is very special to her. Whoever he is she likes him. Takemichi starts crying. Hinata believes him and he can do it.


Saying bye to Hinata, Takemichi goes to stop Kiyomasa from killing Draken. When Takemichi was running he sees Mitsuya. Mitsuya asks him where is Draken. He says Mitsuya that Draken is going to be attacked. Mitsuya says that he knew about that. Mitsuya tells him Mikey wanted to pay to free Pah-chin. But Draken was against it. Takemichi stopped them that day. So all the members of Toman agreed that nothing they could have done for Pah-chin. But Peh-yan was against it.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 9

Tokyo Revengers Episode 9: Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

Tokyo Revengers Episode 9 will be released on coming June 6, 2021, at 12:55 AM JST.  You can watch all the episodes of Tokyo Revengers on Crunchyroll.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 9 English Dub: Release Date & Where To Watch

Tokyo Revengers Episode 9 English Dub will be released on the 24th of July, 2021 JST. You can watch all the dubbed episodes on Crunchyroll.

Tokyo Revengers Official Trailer

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