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Boruto Episode 196 Release Date, Recap & Preview

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Boruto Episode 196

Boruto episode 196 covers Boruto Chapter 28 manga series. Boruto anime series is the adaptation of manga series and the continuation of the Naruto series. The series is produced by Pierrot Studios currently written by Masaya Honda and directed by Masayuki Kōda. The first episode was premiered on April 5, 2017, on TV Tokyo.

Boruto Episode 196: Release Date & Where to Watch?

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 196 will be released on April 24, 2021 (Sunday) on TV Tokyo.  The title of Boruto Episode 196 is “A Binding Force“.

Where to Watch? You can watch all the new latest episodes of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations on Hulu, AnimeLab, FunimationCrunchyroll, and also available on Netflix Japan.

Boruto Episode 195: Recap

Boruto Episode 195 was released on April 18, 2021, titled “The Flower Vase“.

Episode 195 revolves around Naruto and Kawaki. The episode starts with Kawaki looking at the broken vase bag. And he seems very annoyed by that fact. Then Naruto appears and apologizes. Naruto also tells him that when Boruto makes up his mind, he will not change his decision. Naruto advised him not to worry too much about it. Whatever done is done he can not change it. Even Himawari, whose vase was that, is not that much upset about it. Still, Kawaki says that he will go to find a new vase for her. Naruto asks him to come with him. Naruto wants to show Kawaki the Leaf Village.

Boruto Episode 196

They were walking on a street when Kawaki says Naruto that the village leader lot of free time for a leisurely morning walk with him. Listening to this Naruto relies on that do not pick a fight now. Just have fun. Then Kawaki remembers when Naruto said that he decided to look after Kawaki. After that, we can see Kawaki is trying to find himself in his mind. And he is trying to digest this change inside himself.
Next, we can see Boruto wakes up and he remembers he forgot something. He asks Himawari where is Kawaki. She replies daddy (Naruto) took him to show the village. And they also going to look for a vase too, Hinata replies. Boruto is pretty annoyed because Kawaki left his work for others to do. And also why his Dad (Naruto) is helping that boy.


When walking on Leaf Village street Kawaki sees the carved stone faces on a hill. Naruto explains that those are the Great Stone Faces of the Hokage (leader of the village). They are all the Hokages until now. After that, they meet Sarada and Cho-Cho in a Taiyaki shop. They are pretty surprised by seeing Naruto, The Seventh Lord at that time of the day. At that time they first meet Kawaki. Naruto treated them with some Taiyaki. Cho-Cho bought a lot of them and after that she left for home, saying three of them goodbye.

Boruto Episode 196


Kawaki takes the first bit of his Taiyaki. And by the look of his face, we can easily say that he loves it. Sarada asks him that is it his first time eating a taiyaki. Kawaki replies with the attitude that what is wrong with that. Kawaki has a chocolate taiyaki. Sarada never tried a chocolate one so she asked Kawaki. Naruto also says Kawaki to share with Sarada. But Kawaki denied. And it seems Sarada is hurt by his words. At that time a child bumps onto Kawaki triggers him and he uses his power. Seeing that Naruto immediately stops Kawaki and saves the child. For this Both Naruto and Sarada yield at Kawaki. But Kawaki does not care. Naruto asks if he does not have any manners. Kawaki replies that he was not raised properly.

They went to a flower shop. Sarada asks Naruto is he going to buy flowers. Naruto replies something like that. Then all of them go inside. Mrs. Ino, the owner of the shop greeted them. Naruto asks Mrs. Ino to stay alert because of Kawaki’s hostile nature. And also says to her that they are at her shop for a vase. Mrs. Ino tells Naruto to choose one. Naruto asks Kawaki to pick one. Kawaki tells why he has to choose. Naruto says because he is the one who broke the vase. Kawaki then just pick one. But Sarada and Naruto both yield at him to take that sincerely. But Kawaki has no idea what they are talking about. Because of his wrong upbringing, he does not know what sincerity is. So Naruto gives a lecture on that.

Boruto Episode 196

After thinking for a while Kawaki took the same one and says this one will fit the room. So Naruto finalizes that. Mrs. Ino gives some flowers as a present to Kawaki. But at that moment Kawaki remembered his past when Jigan experimenting with him. And he broke the vase. He started gasping. Naruto and Sarada get pretty worried. He is still in shock about the thing that happened to him.
Then they come out of the shop and Mrs. Ino gives some flowers to them. Naruto thanks her for the flowers. At that moment Sarada gives thanks to Naruto for the taiyaki and leaves for home. Naruto says to Kawaki that they have one more place to go.

They went to a raman shop and ate lunch. They ordered raman and as soon as Kawaki took the first bit he is delighted. While eating Naruto gives some life lessons to Kawaki and asks him not to be so hostile. But Kawaki ignores all of those. But Naruto says that he will be going to understand someday.
After having lunch they come back home. Boruto and Himawari welcomes them. Then Kawaki gives the vase, they bought, to Himawari. But at that moment Boruto gives a glue to Kawaki and leaves the place. When Kawaki sees that he realizes that Boruto wants him to repair the broken vase.

At the end of the episode, we can see Koji Kashin and Delta talking about Kawaki. And Koji is going to infiltrate them and find Kawaki.

Boruto Episode 196: Preview


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