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Windows 11 ISO leaked!! Read to find more

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Windows 11

Microsoft’s latest operating system has leaked online. After a preliminary version of Windows 11 appeared on the Internet, today we have a full copy of the upcoming OS. Windows 11 will include controversial features such as re-introducing the “Start” menu and windowed Metro-style applications. Windows 10X is currently available as a free upgrade to users who manually upgrade their computer from Windows 7. The new Windows 11 user interface has been tailored to provide the best user experience in this new operating system.


So, the Start menu is back in a big way. It’s a fully reimagined Start menu that makes it easier to get to the things you care about faster. The new Start menu works better with Windows 10 S devices and lets you get back to what’s important faster. It’s a whole new experience. Customers who love Windows 7 and Windows 8 will feel right at home. And those upgrading from Windows 10 will find the familiar Start menu is back in its usual place, along with all their favorite features like Cortana, Microsoft Edge, and more.

Windows 11: features

The leaked Windows 11 build also includes rounded corners; it’s not a sure sign of an upcoming UI change, but the feature is likely in the plans for the next Windows release. Microsoft has been busy evolving the standard Windows operating system to expand its features, usability, and aesthetic appeal. The company has taken the time to consider a range of ways Windows 10 could be used by consumers who are working on the go or in the workplace.


Microsoft is holding its next Windows event in New York on June 24th. We’re expecting to hear about the next generation of Windows, and we’ll be tweeting live from the event.

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