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Apple loosens App Store Rules After Japan Probe for Netflix and Others

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Apple App Store

On September 1st, The U. S., Tech giant Apple relaxes its App Store rules and paved the way to providing customers a link to signup for a paid account at the same time avoiding Apple’s in-app purchase commissions. Previously, Netflix, the content company banned by Apple due to anti-steering fixation. In particular, this allows companies like Netflix to provide links to their websites so customers can sign up for paid accounts. The corporate said late on Wednesday.
The ban on providing separate links was lifted for so-called reader apps which give content like e-books, video, and music that do not offer a free tier of service, instead of requiring payment at sign-up.

Second Concession within a week:

In the meantime, This is the second concession to regulators and corporations within this week. Moreover, The iPhone creator faces legal as well as regulatory, and legislative challenges to Apple’s App Store. Subsequently, this forms the core of its total of US$53.8 billion (S$72.4 billion) services segments.


Concession due to anti-trust regulation:

Japan’s anti-trust regulator is Apple’s part of a deal. The regulator said that this previously provided concession change was enough for it to shut a five-year inquiry into Apple that focused on video and music apps though not the games.
Key practice companies:
Apple will ban app programmers from taking other sorts of payment inside apps on the iPhone. Especially, Fortnite computer game creators Epic Games, The Spotify Technology, and Match Group apps. However, Apple deals with a bundle of legal and regulatory challenges.

Apple App Store
Apple App Store

Apple Barred one of the reader apps:

Apple collected commissions between 15 % and 30 % from in-app purchases. Further raises barriers to stay developers from high-level users while payments. A rule had barred the reader apps where users consume content whereas they purchased the content elsewhere than from providing a link to sign up for a paid account.

JFTC and Apple’s Agreement:

On Wednesday Apple said dropping that rule that starts earlier in next year. This is considered as an end of the inquiry by the Japan Fair Trade Commission. Apple said it agrees with Japan’s Trade Commission. The procedure of these apps shares a single link to their website to help users set up and manage their accounts. This change is part of an agreement with Apple and JFTC.

Previously, Apple had permits account creation via links which doesn’t involve payment information. In contrast, Netflix could not provide a link due to no free tier sign-up during payment. Last week, Apple reached an agreement. At this point, Apple ended a ban on developers by telling users about their payment alternatives through e-mail messages.

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