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Microsoft Azure warns its Customers – A flaw gives Hackers to access Data

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Microsoft Azure flaw

Microsoft Azure flaw: Microsoft’s cloud computing Azure alerts its customers! A flaw occurred leading to allow hackers to access their data. Azure is a cloud computing service that offers SaaS, PaaS, and Iaas. These options help to deploy apps and services on Microsoft’s data center.

The azure firm said today that the flaw has been rectified by Palo Alto Networks. Hence, there is no proof that hackers had spoiled the technique now.

Previously, Microsoft alerts it’s some of Azure’s customers; This Microsoft Azure flaw is leading hackers to access the data. And, the firm notifies certain customers to safeguard their login details by changing them. Whereas, Microsoft responses occur that the Microsoft Azure flaw has been rebuild by the Palo Alto organization in a blog post.

The team experienced another flaw during the month of August. At Wiz, The security experts described the Microsoft Azure flaw as an action that allowed one customer to change another’s data.

Microsoft Azure

Previously in an interview with Reuters, Palo Alto’s researcher Ariel Zelivansky stated the hackers broke out the system called containers. They took serious efforts for months and found out that the hackers used not the similar method as they use during real theft.

He reported this problem during July month. This stores programs for the customers. Yet, the firm’s containers use a code. That code is not in an update form to find the vulnerable situations of the data, Palo said.

In a Blog post from Reuters, raising questions regarding the technique followed by Palo Alto took place. This also includes data safety, data theft by hackers. But, Microsoft didn’t answer any one of the questions.

In addition to that, Microsoft confessing and supporting the clients who get into trouble by their researchers one way or the other; than whom they get into danger by their own code.

On Wednesday, Microsoft announces the caution notifications sent to clients who may be vulnerable during the researcher’s activity.

Ian Coldwater, a computer security specialist says patch software is reflecting a failure so quickly. This is what Microsoft’s customers report often.

Updating the code is important. With modern software in hand, there won’t be any glitches possible, Ian stated.
She adds, security software from their respective cloud customer’s company would detect and logs these kinds of risks and attacks.

The research emphasized the responsibility between cloud programmers and their clients’ security.

Zelivansky shared information that, cloud services are safe, whereas Cloud computing providers such as Microsoft and others don’t rely on their clients to update their details, it fixes by itself.

Hence, Zelivansky concludes by saying that the valid concern for these attacks is also due to well-financed opponents such as national governments.

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