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Facebook smart glasses have many facilities but lack AR – Get all the details here!

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Presenting Facebook and Ray-Ban’s tie-up much anticipated smart glasses. These much-awaited glasses are out now. This wearable entering the market with advancing in capturing pictures than in AR (Augmented Reality) 

These glasses are first pitching up in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, Italy, and Australia. The standard model costs 299 Dollars. For the polarized model, it is $329 and $379 for the transition lenses variety. Prescriptions are also available soon. 

As per Bloomberg News reports, Snapchat is from the parent company Snap.Inc announces its eyewear in the year 2016. This had a Built-In camera with no AR capabilities. Later in May, Snap Inc. then introduces smart glasses along with AR capabilities. Yet, that is not available for the public now. Incorporation introduced its smart glasses to attend calls, use Alexa, yet no AR capabilities. Apple Inc. is planning to probe its glasses later this decade. This version will have AR capabilities. 

So, coming to Facebook smart glasses. On Thursday, the social network reported that this kind of glasses let the customers take pictures and create videos, listening to songs, and also answer phone calls. Facebook joins with Ray-Ban; which is a direct competitor to Snapchat Spectacles. The Facebook glasses using EssilorLuxottica costs $299, Yet this lacks AR technology. Facebook is also offering its clubbing with other Luxottoca brands such as Oakley, Chanel, Prada, Burberry, and so other glass brands. Eventually, Facebook is going to embed this functionality too! Monish Perkash, product director at Facebook stated that AR is their next target to perform.


Addition information is that, If Facebook attains in the device market and could work on its advertising; there won’t be a need for getting hardware from other companies such as Apple Inc. and Google. Facebook could stand on its own to create operating systems and gadgets. Now, Facebook is planning to add AR features from the Oculus brand. 

The Technicalities of Facebook smart glasses:

It has Dual 5-Megapixel camera sensors, incorporated Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi to get the sync in with any phone (iPhone, Android), a battery (6 hours capacity with moderate use). Storage space enough for 500 photos and, speakers. Non-waterproof. The user could take a picture by pressing and holding a button on the right side of the specs. They could also record the video by pressing the same button once. For controlling music, voice assistants, for calls there is a touch area (earbuds also available). This can fine-tune the volume by swiping left or right. Also to play, pause, skip, or double-tap to answer as well as hang-up phone calls. The basic model of the Facebook voice assistant is available. The user can download the photo and videos taken by the glasses and can store them on their devices (mobile, etc.)


Essentially, Ray-Ban earbuds can capture photos as same Apple’s AirPods with sunglasses does. Moreover, smartphones are far more grandeur than earbuds do. These kinds of glasses are far pricier than normal Ray-Ban Wayfarer ($100-$200). It is opaque how these glasses acclaim in the market. 

Facebook smart glasses
Facebook smart glasses

An LED flashes on the front when capturing features from the glasses. This would be a great help for the people to know the glasses are recording or taking pictures. 

Facebook didn’t officially announce when the glasses will introduce the AR facility. Yet, it is the next deep-root strategy. As CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave it a term called “Metaverse”(A digital world). He strongly believes after mobile, virtual reality, and Augmented Reality is going to be the next major foreseeable future; especially for human communication. VR and AR are going to replace certain kinds of in-person linkage. 

EssilorLuxottica shared information that, so far this year, Facebook shared 39% which is less than 1% to $378.64 at 12:35 p.m. in New York timing. Therefore, Essilor gained 34% as of yesterday (8-9-2021)

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