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Is Instagram Asking For Your Birthday Date? Instagram Introduce New Rules

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Instagram birthday

Instagram has been asking to enter the birthday of the users over the past few days. Users have been receiving a message at the top of their feed after logging into Instagram that asks the users to enter their date of birth.

Why Is Instagram Asking For Your Birthday?

Many Instagram users have come across the banner that appears on top of their feed and asks: “Add your Birthday”.

It is mentioned below: “We are asking for this information to help protect our community. We will use your birthday to help personalize your experience.”
After then, users need to tap on the blue box that appears as “Add your Birthday”. The users have to mention their full date of birth before continuing to use the app.

Instagram birthday

New Rules Explained

In 2019, Instagram started asking for the birthdays of users, but until August 2021, the implementation of the new rule wasn’t actually started.


This rule has been implemented on Instagram in a try of making the app a safer place. So, the users need to enter their birthday to use Instagram.

The existing users need to add their date of birth with the message on their feed while the new users need to enter their date of birth to start using Instagram.

On August 30, 2021, Instagram said in a blog post:

We are clear that we want to do more to create safer, more personal experiences for young people. To do this we need to know how old everyone is on Instagram, so we asked people to share their birthdays with us. Have started asking to share, if they haven’t shared it before.”

Also, it was further added, “This information allows us to create new safety features for youth. It helps us to ensure we deliver the right experience to the right age group.”

It is also revealed that this new rule of asking people their date of birth and knowing their age helps Instagram “personalize your experience” by showing relevant advertisements.

Can The Message Be Ignored

The message can be ignored or refused to enter the birthday. But it will continue to appear on your Instagram.

Eventually, the point will come where you had to enter the birth date. So that you can continue to use the app.
As it has been told by Instagram, “This information is essential for the new features we are developing to protect young people.”



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