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Twitter announces new policy to reduce ‘copypasta’ content

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Twitter has put forth a bunch of new rules to diminish tweet visibility from accounts that are posting duplicate ‘copypasta’ content.

Over the past months, Twitter has seen multiple changes such as having a new owner as well as introducing new features like the long-awaited edit button.

Now the company giant has announced rules over copypasta to prevent plagiarism.

Here is everything you need to know.

What is copypasta?

Copypasta is an online slang that can be referred to as duplicate content.

In simple terms, it means account users copying, pasting, and tweeting the same text through online forums and social networking platforms.

The method of ‘copypasta’ is not only used by individual users but also by a few major companies that operate the online slang to run several campaigns.

Reg ardless, it ends with spamming on a wide scale as well as hostile campaigns. Furthermore, it encourages people to steal ideas from other users.


Ways to identify if your tweets have limited visibility?

Twitter has announced four ways in which you can determine whether your tweets are visible or not visible to other users. They are:

  • making tweets ineligible for amplification in Top Search results and on Trends.
  • not suggesting tweets in timelines of users who don’t follow the Tweet author.
  • downranking tweets in replies.
  • excluding tweets and/or accounts in email.

Instances of safe and offending Twitter content

The social media website has further provided users with examples to share content in a safe way that limits their tweets from visibility. They are:

  • Retweeting existing content using the Retweet feature.
  • copy-pasting tweet mixed with your content, commentary, or explicitly citing the copied content.

Moreover, they have given two examples of offending content that would reduce the visibility of a user’s account and tweets. They are:

  • Identical content tweeted by an individual even if those involved are using the same account.
  • Advertisement
  • Tweets that may disrupt the experience of other users, which includes mentioning users or using hashtags with the same tweet content.

What is included in a severe violation?

Twitter continued to reveal what he considered a severe violation according to the new policy. Breaching the rules may result in users’ tweet removal or even permanent suspension from the social media site.

  • Using automation or scripting to post copypasta content.
  • Operating one or multiple accounts where the majority of the content promotes copypasta content results in inauthentic engagement.
  • Repeated participation in copypasta in efforts to promote content that violates other Twitter Rules.

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