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YouTuber BigDawsTV banned for life after dressing up in Golden State Warriors gear

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A YouTuber is facing a lifetime ban for dressing as a Golden State Warriors player and entering the NBA Game 5 arena conning the security. While the YouTuber has received a letter mentioning his lifetime ban from entering the NBA games court. Here’s what you must know that happened with the YouTuber.

Read ahead to know more about YouTubers facing a ban for a lifetime on posing and entering the NBA Game 5 arena as Golden State Warriors players.

YouTuber Dawson Gurley crossed security at Game 5 of the NBA as player

While it was in San Francisco that the Game 5 of the NBA Finals took place on Monday this week. Before the game began, we had YouTuber Dawson Gurley entering the Game 5 court crossing the security pretending to be a Golden State Warriors player. As he was wearing the jersey of that.

While certainly for 10 minutes he did pretend to be the player. He did manage to pass through the security as no one could identify him as an imposter. Meanwhile, now it seems his prank of posing as one of the players has gone all wrong for him.


YouTuber Dawson shared his lifetime ban on Twitter

While on Tuesday, Dawson shared on Twitter that he has got a letter for his lifetime ban from attending the home games of the Golden State Warriors. Additionally in his tweet, Dawson said about crossing the five layers of security check as guards didn’t stop him from entering the arena. However, now Golden State Warriors have banned him from attending all their home games.

In fact, Dawson after entering the game court even posed with a gesture of one of the players Klay Thompson. After which the ban on Dawson came out. While he has been asking everyone about whether the decision of his ban is fair or not. The reaction of Dawson is hard to miss.

YouTuber Dawson’s reaction to lifetime ban on him

As YouTuber Dawson shared the letter making the ban on him for a lifetime, on Twitter. He was trying to know from others if the decision was right or not. However, he did say that it wasn’t his fault but security’s fault that they were incompetent.

Also, in his tweet, he said that he spent about 10k on tickets for the game. But despite that, he got a lifetime ban. Yet with the ban on him. He has a chance to get it removed if he is written and provides a strong and clear reason as to why he did this.


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