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What is hash oil? WNBA Star ‘Brittney Griner’ Detained In Russia On Drug Charges

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Brittney Griner

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The Russian Federal Customs And border protection detained Brittney Griner. One of America’s greatest famous women’s basketball players. After they said that they found vape units with hashish oil in her baggage. At a Moscow airport.

In a press statement on Saturday. The Customs Service affirmed that perhaps the accused person in an episode last month at Sheremetyevo airport had been a pro basketball player. She did play in the Women’s National Basketball Association and had since been awarded Olympic gold medals. In both the United States, and even though did not reveal the player’s identity.

According to a law enforcement official. The athlete was recognised as Griner, a seven-time All-Star centre. With the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury that inspired Team USA to win the gold there at Rio and Tokyo Olympic Championships.

Drug-sniffing canines at the airport’s customs station revealed the presence of narcotic substances. In the player’s carry-on baggage. Upon her entrance on a trip from New York, as per the Customs Service release. The cartridges were discovered during a second examination of the luggage. Which is a criminal offence under Russian law which entails a term of five to ten years in prison.


Basketball star Brittney Griner detained in Russia

On Saturday, the Customs Service published a video showing airport security officers. Looking through the baggage of a traveler named Britney Griner. “We are aware of the incident with Brittney Griner in Russia. And are in regular contact with her, her professional counsel in Russia, her parents, her teammates, and the WNBA and NBA”. Griner’s manager Lindsay Colas said during a response to The Guardian. We are unable to speak more on the details of her situation. Due to the continuing legal situation. But we can assure that even as we fight to bring her back, her emotional health remains our first priority.”

Griner seems to have the WNBA’s “full support”. According to a statement, “our primary focus is her safe and easy return to The Us.”

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Britney Griner Basketball

In a press release issued later Saturday, the Mercury repeated those views. Stating they were “in daily contact” with Griner’s parents and that their major worry was the player’s safety and wellbeing.  Britney  Griner age31 has also competed for UMMC Ekaterinburg there in the offseason since 2015, assisting the Russian team to three national crowns and EuroLeague Women titles in 2016, 2018, 2019, and 2021.

The length of Griner’s detention is unknown, as Saturday’s announcement merely stated that she was arrested sometime in February. She last played for UMMC on January 29th. Just before the league’s two global breaks for the Fiba World Cup finals. And she hasn’t been seen on social networking sites since February 5th. Britney Griner is widely known as among the most dominant athletes from her or any generation,. Having won NCAA, WNBA, EuroLeague, and Olympic crowns.


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