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What Happened to Orlando Sanchez? BJJ Legend The Big O Has Died at age 40

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Orlando Sanchez

Orlando Sanchez, also known as The Big O, BJJ Legend, or the Cuban Tree Stump, passed away on 16th December. Apparently, the jiu-jitsu fighter passed away unexpectedly. Since Orlando Sanchez has been showcasing his talents for a long time, he has gained many followers on social media who even support him. Fans were shocked to hear he had died after his friends confirmed it. He was a black belt in jiu-jitsu and an American citizen. His training with José “Zé Radiola” Olmpio helped him succeed as a competitor.

As a result of his achievements, Orlando Sanchez won the ADCC World title in 2015. As a result of Orlando’s win, he became one of the most known ultra-heavyweights in the world. In four years, Orlando Sanchez earned a black belt through jiu-jitsu after overcoming drug addiction. In the following years, he has been very active on social media sharing his journey with others.

Jiu-Jitsu Fighter Orlando Sanchez Aka The Big O Has Passed Away At The Age Of 40

Orlando Sanchez, the ADCC +99kg champion for 2015, passed away on 16th December. His larger-than-life personality and aggressive Jiu-Jitsu style earned him the nicknames ‘Big-O’ and ‘The Cuban Tree Stump’. In addition, Orlando Sanchez became a black belt in bjj at the fastest time in history. As a result of showcasing his talents for a long time, Orlando Sanchez has gained a lot of followers who even support him online. He was confirmed dead by his friends, leaving his fans shocked. A black belt was earned by Orlando four years after he overcame his drug dependence through jiu-jitsu. His followers had been following his journey on social media since then. Those who had known Orlando for a long time confirmed his death. Through Instagram, they shared posts in memory of him. He passed away unexpectedly, according to Flograppling. No details were provided about his death. It is reported that he left behind a wife and three children.


On Twitter, people expressed their sadness at the news of Orlando’s death. The fighter was remembered fondly by several people. A user wrote: We are deeply saddened by the news of Professor Orlando Sanchez’s passing. I appreciate you being a great friend and one of the greatest athletes we have ever had. Throughout your career as a competitor, a professor, a school owner, and a regional leader, you have left a legacy of toughness, kindness, and loyalty. Another person added: “Wow!” I’m deeply saddened to hear that Orlando Sanchez passed away. The most divisive figure in our sport. As a BJJ practitioner, he was someone I looked up to. The pain is real this time. I am saddened by the news that Orlando Sanchez had passed away. He was a true legend of the Gracie Barra team. It was always a pleasure watching him compete, but I never got a chance to meet him. Rest in peace, legend! another person said.

Fans Pay Tribute on Social Media


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