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What did Columbus Short say about Tracy Christian? Video Explored

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Tracy Christian

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The Stomp The Yard legend Columbus Short shares his theory on why Stephen Twitch committed suicide. Stephen Twitch Boss, a popular TV personality, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound on 15th December 2022. He has been mourned far and wide, with many people wondering what caused his death. Columbus Short claimed that tWitch took his own life after suffering financial losses in a now-deleted video posted on social media. There is no evidence to support the theory.

According to the now-deleted video, the dance personality lost everything he owned because of failed crypto and NFT investments after FTX declared bankruptcy. Despite these claims, sources claim that there is no evidence that Stephen Twitch’s suicide was prompted by financial hardships. During the period leading up to Stephen Twitch’s suicide, he did not experience any financial hardship. Tracy Christian, a Hollywood agent and talent manager, was also criticized in Columbus Short’s video.

Who Is Tracy Christian? In His Latest Video Columbus Short Calls Out Tracy

The only African American woman to own a talent agency in Hollywood, Tracy Christian is one of Hollywood’s most prominent agents and talent managers. Tracy Christian managed the career of Michael K. Williams before launching TCA MGMT. Michael cast her as Omar Little in Wire while working for another agency. Despite working in an industry dominated by White men and predominantly White women, Tracy Christian is credited with being a trailblazer for Black women. Christian opened TCA Mgmt in December 2011 as a licensed boutique agency. In its mission statement, the agency aims to provide actors, writers, directors, and producers with expert global representation and career development. There are many areas where the company operates, including film, television, fine art, sales and distribution, product development, social media, and corporate services.

In terms of Tracy Christian’s personal life, the only information available is that she attended the International Studies Academy and earned a bachelor’s degree in arts at The University of Southern California. With the now-deleted video that Columbus Short released implying Stephen Twitch Boss untimely demise was caused by financial problems, he also took the opportunity to accuse Tracy Christian of withholding his paycheck. Furthermore, he implied that the dancer had probably been facing similar problems but had failed to resolve them. As well as addressing Tracy Christian “directly,” Columbus Short also asserted that he will wait for his payment. The body of Stephen Twitch Boss was discovered in a motel room on 13th December 2022, following Stephen Twitch’s wife Allison Holker’s complaints that he had left the house without taking his car. A self-inflicted gunshot to the head was declared the cause of death by the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner.


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