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Netizens Share Twitter Spaces Hilarious Memes after Feature Disappears From App

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Twitter Space

Twitter Spaces features disappear from the social media platform and it makes the memes on the same disappear too. Well, we had this feature of Twitter go quite popular on the platform. However, eventually, some memes on the same too went viral on the internet. But it seems like both Twitter Spaces and memes on it have disappeared.

Read ahead to know more about Twitter Spaces and its memes disappear.

Twitter Spaces feature of Twitter

Well, every social media platform has certain features that get rolled out in new for all users to try. However, not every feature is loved by all. Twitter too had one such feature and that was the Twitter Space feature. That was enjoyed by a lot of users.

The Twitter Space feature has given Twitter users to have topics of their own to discuss on the platform by creating space. That would even let the followers of one user and even the non-followers engage with the space. It was quite a popular feature of Twitter.

Twitter Spaces features disappear from Twitter

Well, ever since Elon Musk took over Twitter, the social media platform has been making a lot of news. While it has been a lot about mostly the changes of the platform not being acceptable to the users. We had one of its features of Twitter Spaces disappearing from the platform.

Yes, it was on 16th December that the feature of Twitter Spaces disappeared from the social media platform. As users went on to complain about the same on Twitter that the feature isn’t working. Meanwhile, there have been several reactions to it too.

Memes on Twitter Spaces disappear too

Ever since the feature of Twitter Spaces disappeared from the social media platform. The memes that have been going viral about the same too disappeared from the platform. As users have been sharing memes before about Twitter Spaces on Twitter.

While now some of the users of Twitter are happy the feature has disappeared from the platform. Yet still, some of them have been trying to look for that feature. Despite the fact that Elon Musk has not announced anything about the same. Twitter has surely been having a lot of memes ever since Musk took over it.


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